Publishing Personalized Touring Plan

I would like to share my completed personalized touring plans with another Liner, who is going to same park, same calendar day.

I’ve set up plans as published. I see the url there. But how do I transfer the plans so that someone else can see them?

I’m knowledgeable re Disney (thanks to you guys & many visits) but I’m clueless re computer stuff.


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Copy the url. Paste it wherever you want to share it.

Thanks @OBNurseNH. I’ll work on that haha. Actually, I think I’ll wait til I get to Vermont family reunion, leaving today to head up north, your way. I’ll wave to you as I drive past through NH.

Thank goodness I have adult children who are computer whizzes. 8 yr old Dgs is next in line to help grandmother (Babska, me). I need all the help I can get with computer stuff.

I can zoom around PTPs and FPPs like nobody’s business, but these computer things confound me jeesh!

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@OBNurseNH- I actually figured out how to send a link to emails. Now I need to figure how to send to someone on Forum. Do I need that person’s email address?

I see the option to link on this site, but after I hit that, I’m not sure what to do from there.

Sorry for the clueless questions haha.

You can send a private message to the forum user.

Top left of your screen under your avatar you’ll see an envelope. Click that. In the “to” box type thenuser’s name. In the body of the message paste the url. Click send.


Dear New Zealand friend, how exciting, your 1st visit. My daughter had Canadian friends living in your country, she visited there, so beautiful. welcome to our homeland (by that, I mean Disneyworld- won’t get into the rest, too political, haha).

And so cool, you will be our neighbors during your Disney visit. We’re at Dolphin that week. Your MK day 10/5 is also ours. Dolphin/Swan/BW share same bus (or did last visit -2016, so probably still do).

I’m wearing my big Liner pin on backpack. So look for us on the bus. 7am bus is the one we’ll take (we get to bus stop about 5-10 mins b4).

That bus gets us to MK around 7:30, which works fine for 8 EMH. There should be a bus around 6:30 am but it’s really for the early breakfast MK people. BTW, bus drivers have more accurate info re times vs the front desk. Concierge might have some info, but bus drivers have the best.

I am (as I speak) trying to send my personalized touring plan over to you. Our 1st MK day is actually 10/2, 10/5 is our 2nd. 10/2 is also a 6pm closure, so I believe the 10/2 plan will be helpful to you.

More info to follow. I’m actually right now on my way to a family reunion in Vermont, so I may not be able to send that link today. But I will send as soon as I can.

I’m a whiz at Disney planning, but clueless re computer stuff, so please bear with me. More to follow, haha.