Public Touring Plan

My TA and I are both members of TP. She is doing my plan for me. Usually she prints it out and mails it to me. Then I cut and paste it onto index cards. I would love to have it on my phone. If she makes it public, I should be able to see it, right? If so, how do I find it. Thanks!

The better thing to do may be to allow your TA to login to TP using your ID and then make the plans. That way you will have full access to the plans via the app and you will be able to do things like re-optimize on the fly if necessary.

If your TA created the plan, then when she if viewing the plan there is an “Edit” button near the top of the screen. If she clicks that, then she should see a checkbox to “Publish This Plan?”. She should click that and then click save.

After doing that, when she views the plan near the top of the page she should see “This plan is published.
Share this link with anyone you want to view this plan:”, followed by a link that she can send to you.

Having said that, @brklinck’s idea to create plans under your account is useful for a lot of reasons if you plan to use the Lines during your visit. If you’re just going to print the plans, then it doesn’t much matter, but if you’re looking at the plans on your phone and/or making changes of the fly, then you’d want to have the plans under your account. You may want to change your password before sharing with your TA, then change back to your normal password once your touring plans are complete.

I’m sure she has already created the plan. Is it possible to duplicate her plan?

You can copy your owns plans, but I know of no way to transfer those plans to another user. You could send an email to and ask if there is a way for admins to do so without breaking their database of plans.