PTPs - Jedi Training arrival

Is there a way to make the PTPs realize you need to be at Jedi Training Academy 30 minutes prior? Also I was using meals at Hollywood Brown Derby as place holders for meeting characters in that area. I know the restaurant walking times were recently switched to represent actual distance. But in this case restaurant to itself is saying 10 minutes? Does it just default back in this case?

you can add Breaks or Rests in PTP's to account for anything not defaulted in the TP selections. Just make sure you click on the box that says "stay in the park" and you can adjust the length of time for any of it. So if you want to add it prior to your Jedi Time to be on the safe side and then just EVALUATE after that, it might help.

you can do the same for your character greets too instead of using the Meals. Might make it less confusing to look at.