PTP giving me weird results

I created a Personalized TP for MK by putting in all the attractions we want for a day, breaks and dining. Since my trip is in Oct. and we’re staying off property, I can’t begin to plan FP+ so I had it optimize without FP+. I’m confused by the results. It has me going to Buzz, Astrorbiter, and WtP as the first three steps, and suggests I go to things like 7DMT, A&E and SpaM in the middle of the day. Doesn’t this completely go against the conventional wisdom of trying to hit some of the big attractions in the 1st or last hours of the day? What am I doing wrong?

Can you publish it for us to look at?


Are you going to the party? You won’t be able to get in line for attractions after 7pm if not. Also your meal breaks seem a little short.

Because there are no ‘late’ hours to use with the park closing early, the plan has to fit the longer wait rides in where it can. I would try copying the plan, moving Space, Anna and Elsa etc to the morning and evaluating rather than optimising to see what difference that makes to the wait times. You might find that although they have shorter times earlier, other rides will end up with longer waits that mean you are waiting longer overall.

I’d also look at your walking speed on the plan - if you have small children or a large group it will probably take you longer to get between attractions.

Eta: did it not suggest any FPP for you?

I think you have too much planned. I agree, 30 minutes seems too short to order and eat. I must say that your Mickey PhilharMagic time seems off as well.everything is running past 7:00 even with these short times.

I believe that the queues for 7dmt, A&E and spaM are long all day, so if you have to wait in line for them it is better overall to wait later in the day when queues for other rides are long as well. Queue for other rides are shorter first thing so you will get more done by riding them earlier in the day.

So, for example, if the queue for a&e is an hour long all day, 9-10am average wait times are 10 minutes and 10-11am average wait times are 20 minutes. If you queue for a&e at 9 and ride at 10 you do a&e and 3 rides. If you ride first then you do a&e and 10, you get a&e and 6 rides done. This is obviously simplified, but hopefully you get the idea.

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I expect you will try to get FPs for at least two of those three attractions?

Thank you! Yes, we have tickets to the party, so some of our day TP could bleed over to the party. There are rides we could cut, too. I appreciate the suggestion on eating times. I wasn’t sure what to put down.

Yes-we will go for FP+ but I am not optimistic about what we will get since we can’t get them til 30 days before we go. I wanted to see what TP suggested even if we couldn’t get good fast passes.

The one other thing that may help us is that DS is autistic and we will hopefully get a DAS card so that may help with wait time for A&E (DS loves them)

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I believe that with the DAS card if your son is unable to wait in line, you will be given a time to return 10 minutes shorter than the posted wait time (so if the posted wait is 60 minutes, you’ll be asked to return in 50 mins). I haven’t used it myself so it may have changed.

Yes, it will be a little like a FP+. We will still have to wait almost as long as the posted standby time, but we won’t have to wait in line and could go on some shorter attractions while we wait for A&E. At least, that’s my understanding.

That’s my understanding too, I just wanted to make sure you knew it had changed since the GAC :slight_smile: