PtN seating

I know I posted on chat, but I think it got a bit lost in the shuffle and I knew I could get an amazing answer from @lolabear_la, AKA DLR Yoda.

Here was my question:

I know there are plenty of places along the route for PtN, but where (if any) can I score a bench or a wall to sit on (preferably near Swings/GFS etc)? I want to save our spot and let my boys ride swings and/or GFS while we wait? I can sit on the ground, but with my knees I may not be getting back up or if I do, it will be scary! Small children don’t need to be seeing that!

I saw your question but we entertained yesterday for the holiday & didn’t have time to come back to it!!! So here goes:

There are benches along Hollywood but those aren’t very close to where you want to be & I haven’t ever looked down there for a parade spot for PTN so can’t be sure but I imagine because they are a seat and there aren’t many benches, they go pretty early.

Closer to the Pier there is a wall that is around the flowerbeds around the obelisk thing that is across from the Little Mermaid ride, but closer to the coffee cart & pin trading cart where the paths towards the Pacific Wharf/Pixar pier meet. There’s not a ton of real estate that faces the parade route so I’m not sure here either how early you would have to be to get a wall seat. But if you check about an hour before you should be able to score part of the wall. Just make sure you have a blanket or stuff to help save your space because people can be (not always are, but can be) super rude about squeezing in. If your boys can suffer through waiting with you for the last 20-30 min before the parade, this really minimizes that risk as most of those people are scrambling anyway to get a spot. And as I type this I realize this is really more advice for DL as the parade route there fills up almost always and never really does in DCA.

Thank you! I will check out the wall. That sounds close to what I am looking for. I am sure DH and I can secure our spot. We will be close enough to where the boys are that I feel comfortable letting them go to a couple of rides on their own, provided that they stick together.