PTN Parade & Fireworks Timing

We will be visiting the week of August 27. It appears the only night we will be able to see both the PTN parade in DCA (8:45pm) and Fireworks in DL (9:30pm) will be on Friday, Aug 31. Does the timing of these events allow you to get from DCA to DL to see both at a reasonable pace?

Bearing this in mind, the short answer is no.

However, it’s not impossible. If you watch from near the start of the parade route and are able to be extremely mobile at the end of the parade to follow RIGHT behind the parade until you can make a clean break away from the parade route, then it is possible to make it into Disneyland just before the fireworks are start- maybe 5 minutes before. Arriving at that time, the view of fireworks that you will get will be from Town Square , at best the back of Main Street so the castle will be small & from Town Square the projections aren’t easily visible.

If it were me & it were my only night to see them, then I would certainly try for it. If after knowing the above, you want to just focus on doing one, I would far & away choose Paint the Night over the Pixar Fireworks show.

Appreciate your valued knowledge and suggestion. Think we will just enjoy the parade and not concern ourselves about the fireworks. This trip is for a first-time 7 yr old grandson, and I’m sure he will enjoy the parade the most. Thanks again.

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The parade is so beautiful so you are definitely in for a treat!! And how magical it will be for you to have your grandson with you for his 1st Disneyland trip!

We watched PTN the other night at the end of the parade route (near GotG) and since the parade doesn’t get there until after 9:15pm, we saw the whole fireworks show in the distance while the parade was going on. Obviously can’t see any projections but we could clearly see the fireworks looking the same direction as the parade was coming. Might be a good option to kind of do both!