PTA/PTO Fundraisers..Disney gives to schools

For all of you PTA/PTO parents that are in the throws of soliciting donations for your schools Silent Auctions, I just wanted to let you know that Disney is generous when giving to schools. They typically give 4 Park Hopper Passes to either WDW or DL depending on which state you live in. Here is the link:

Good Luck!!!


They will give to non-profits as well. DH won a set of tickets and a 3 night condo stay at a silent auction at a non-profit fundraiser. $3000 later, we are going in Dec and staying on property 5 nights and in Condo 3 nights. Ah well…

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What a great win!

If you are not sure if your non-profit qualifies you might as well ask! The worst they can say is no.

Do you know if this is available to Canadian groups? My DDs’ dance school is having a silent auction to fundraise for a dance trip to DL. I am pretty sure I read before that it is only for US groups/schools?

When I click the link listed above, it says error.

Pretty sure a dance Troup would not qualify. It has to be a non- profit group with an EIN #. There may be something for Canadian schools and non profits though. I’ve done a ton of silent auctions, try googling “donation request form” in your area, providence and Canada. You will be surprised who gives. Also call a bunch of hotels. They always start a bidding war.

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