Pseudo Fastpasses?

So I was talking to our AAA rep and she mentioned that last May while she was in WDW they were allowing people to scan their tickets in a line-up, to be given a return time, so they don’t have to stand in such a line. Then, they return to the FP line (I think).

It sounded odd, but maybe. Does anyone know anything about that?

The only thing I can think of is the Dumbo interactive Q at MK. Instead of just waiting in the Q, you can have the little ones play and get a pager which goes off when you’re due to ride Dumbo. I’ve heard good things, but we didn’t take advantage of it when we rode since my DS was too old to be interested in the Dumbo play area…

That sounds like an awesome plan for little ones, for sure.

This lady said Kilimanjaro Safaris had it and some others, but she didn’t know which others.

I know that there are a few rides that used to accommodate wheelchairs and other special needs who will give out return times, which sounds like this, but she seemed to think it was open to anyone.

Do you think she is talking about the FP kiosks?

I seem to recall a test of something like this being run with TSMM at HS and Soarin’ at Epcot. The best info I could find quickly is here. I’ll see if I can dig up anything else when I’m not at work!

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She could be talking about the DAS, disabled access service. On most rides you get an electronic return time linked to your band / ticket and go through the fastpass queue when it’s time to return. On some rides they give you a little paper ticket with a return time on it. This is definitely the case at Jungle Cruise in MK, apparently the signal for the electronic machines is not as reliable in that part of the park. This may be the case for Kili Safaris, we had normal fastpass for this so didn’t use the DAS. Some disabilities are “non-apparent” so it wouldn’t necessarily be obvious that someone had a DAS.

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There were a couple of test: toy story I believe was on FP for a couple of days- A &E had a brilliant test where they came up with an awesome ideA- return paper FPs- I think Soarin did that too.

Scanning your ticket in a line really sounds like how someone that does not know what they are talking about would describe what happens at a kiosk. People line up, scan their ticket (or MB) pick a return attraction and time and then go to the FP line at that time.


Your article sounds like what she was talking about. Although, she said she was there last May and they had it. Maybe she just lucked into a test of the system, but it did make me curious.

From the park’s standpoint, all those people standing in lines are not spending money, so when there’s a way to get them to ride the rides and not stand in huge line ups, I expect the park would be all for it.

I do have to say, though, one of the thrills of having a Fastpass is going up the short line when there’s a very long line and wait in the standby line. I’m not trying to be mean, but seeing that long line tells me that I chose the right FP for that day. When there’s no line up, it’s easy to think you wasted your valuable FP.