PSA to everyone headed to WDW this year:


Now is the time to break the habit of nail-biting!

Being at WDW while headlines broke about a possible pandemic made me more aware than usual of just how many people (and particularly adults) around me had their fingers in their mouths all the time. Whenever I’d ask my niece to please keep her fingers out of her mouth it seemed there would always be an adult in the vicinity who got that “OMG, is she talking to me??” look on their face as they tried to surreptitiously wipe their hands.

I get that it’s a strong compulsion, especially when it continues into adulthood. I have a friend who had admitted that occasionally she even gets the urge to bite someone else’s nails if they have a visible hangnail or something. Habits are hard to break, especially when they’re something you aren’t even conscious of doing half the time. That’s why you should make it a part of your WDW prep.

We plan and prep for virtually everything else, so why not plan for this? It’s making you sick and could be making others sick as well. Sure, you wash your hands and there’s sanitizer available, but sanitizer only works if you use it every. single. time. Since nail-biting is something you don’t even realize you’re doing most of the time that means you’re touching dirty gates, doors, seatbelts, railings, etc. and then putting your hands in your mouth all day long without even realizing it. Then you’re putting the fingers that were just in your mouth on the seatbelts, doors, gates, railings, etc.

I know it’s hard but now, before your trip, is the time to really take it seriously.


Yep! Both my wife & daughter got sick in the middle of our last trip. Turns out they picked up ear infections while in MK. We spent thousands of dollars so they could sit in a hotel room for 4 days. I felt so bad for them. idk how I avoided it, but was grateful!

Ugh I used to work with a nail biter. Nicest person but it was so unprofessional and gross!!!

My youngest is a nail-biter. I’d love any tips (that actually work!) to break him of it. I find it so gross.

Regular manicures is the only fix that has ever worked for me!

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I am a nail biter.
Haven’t actually nibbled on a nail in about 25 years but I know, just like any addiction, I could start again any time.
I know it’s not smoking or alcohol or drugs but it’s still an addiction and incredibly hard to stop. I agree with your statements about transferring germs but please realize that it’s not easy to just stop.