Prude, Lewd, Rude and Crude — ADR planning

Eh? That’s some pretty poor math skills you’ve used. It’s about $300 over, or about 10%. I think I’ll end up close to budget as they won’t choose the most expensive things, especially Paul, who will probably order from the children’s menu most of the time.


Whoops – I thought per person. :rofl:

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Of course, I can always claw back any overspend by cutting back on tipping.



BOG should be available on a non-party night.

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A few changes to the plan.

Based on the menu and the venue, I’m going to go for BOG rather than CRT. The only way to see Beast’s Castle is via BOG. You can see Cinderella Castle all the time. The inside is not so amazing that it’s a must-do. Also, I’m want to focus on reservations I think I can get, rather than stressing out over ones that may require a lot of effort.

I’m going to aim for Garden Grill for my CP package, rather than Coral Reef. It’s a character meal, which means I can ditch Chef Mickey. The location suits my touring plan better. And it’s marginally cheaper.

With Chef Mickey gone, A&C takes its place. Much cheaper and, again, it suits my touring plan much better.

I’m going to try for S220 lounge for lunch on 60+1. I know it’s a long shot. If I fail, we’ll do festival booths. Or maybe Regal Eagle.


You might have success with the walk list for space220 lounge


The big day is tomorrow.

I’ve been wondering … do CP instead of BOG?

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I’d stick with BOG. The ballroom is quite Christmassy.

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Stick with BOG. As much as I love the characters at CP, that’s all I feel it has going for it. Someone in your party would have to be a huge fan of one of the characters for it to be a close call.

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I keep reading CP as “Carousel of Progress” and thinking that’s a choice between two totally different ends of the spectrum right there. :joy:

I would pick BOG… but then see if CP will let you book an overlapping ADR as a back up. I have been able to book back-ups at very close time frames sometimes, especially if I just select myself and leave the rest of the party as “guest” without selecting their profile.

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If I get GG as my CP dining package that will satisfy my desire for a character meal. In which case I’m fine with BOG.

If I don’t then it’s either CP instead of BOG or H&V instead of either 50s or Sci-Fi.

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Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:


BOG vs CRT? Having slight wobbles. Not a huge fan of the CRT menu, but better venue?

This part. BOG feels like a cafeteria.


CRT is dining inside THE castle. It doesn’t even compare to BOG.


But the menu is so meh.

I will let Fate decide. I will look for CRT first. If it’s not available I will take BOG.

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The apps at CRT are lame, but the entrees are soooo good and you get a selection (albeit limited) for dessert vs the small bites at BOG. I also think CRT is the bigger WOW. At BOG the main room is like a big cafeteria, the west wing is so dark you can’t see and the music box room is just meh and it’s a gamble to which one you’ll get too. I hope you can get CRT.


BOG, decorated for Christmas, is definitely NOT a is pure Christmas magic.


Better than CRT?