Proving a child's age

We are taking my daughter to WDW at the end of January for her first trip. She is 2 but will turn 3 on the second day of our trip. I know that doesn’t require a ticket but she looks/acts older than she is (tall genes in the family and speaks better than most 6 year olds) so I worry that her age will be questioned. Has anyone ever run into this? Since she’s a toddler we obviously don’t have an ID for her lol

Could this potentially be an issue or am I worrying for no reason?

I have never been questioned as to the age of my child. When he was little for tickets or when he turned 7 and was able to ride by himself. They have always taken it at our word.

I had a similar issue last year. My nephew was turning 3 and looks and acts older than his age. We were at CRT and the waitress comes over and looks confused and asked “which child is the infant” and we told her and she did not question us one bit. She just wanted to know which child did not get a meal.

If you are worried, you could travel with a photocopy of her birth certificate or take a picture of it on your phone. We usually carry a copy of my son’s when we travel because the airlines usually want to see it.

We visiting once when my child was turning 3. We told them he was 2 everyday. There was no argument. And he was a big kids for his age! Take advantage of the last time you can squeeze your kid in under the limit.

Thanks y’all!! I really appreciate the feedback. My Mom is stressing and was actually considering buying her a ticket just to be safe and avoid a conflict, so this has helped to calm her nerves about it. I’m so excited to take my little for her first trip!!

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Put it this way… There is VERY little that Disney will argue with a “guest” about. This is not one of those things.

That’s what I figured. It’s the happiest place on Earth and their job is to make sure it stays as such for every guest

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Yup. However, if you walk in there with a 5 year old and say “he’s 2” I’m sure they’ll deny you. :slight_smile:

This is really sad to say but, I don’t even have a copy of her birth certificate. I need to go to the courthouse and order one.

Yeah there’s definitely a huge distinct difference between turning 3 and being 5… but I’m sure someone along the way has attempted it.

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Tell her to be 100% honest. If child says “Today’s my birthday and I’m 3 today!” or “I just turned 3 yesterday and we’re here for my birthday trip!” (especially if she’s wearing her BD button) it will be clear that you’re not gaming the age system. Her excitement about her birthday will be confirmation of truthfulness!

We did this with Hoodlum #2 when he turned 3. He told EVERYONE that he was 2 today but would be 3 tomorrow, then I’m 3 today, and hold up 3 fingers, then I just turned 3 yesterday, etc.