Pros & Cons of Using Primary MDE Account for Memory Maker Share

Another family and I are sharing MM. I’m thinking of just adding them as friends to my primary MDE account instead of setting up a dummy account.

This is the first time I’m doing a MM share. Please provide me your pros and cons of using my primary MDE account to do the MM share. Please share tips about MM share, too.

@ryan1 managed one for a group of us in December, but he did a dummy account.

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would you give them your username and pw so they can download their pictures? just being friends will let you, or more specifically the MM holder, download all pics for the linked friends. but in their own acct they cannot access the pic downloads. so thats why a dummy is useful.


But you can download them all to a phone/tablet/computer and then email them? Or set up a shared album in your photos?

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Editing and downloading their own would be nice. In 2019, I was able to add borders and stickers to the pictures before downloading, too.

Are there tips to set up the dummy account?

I could download and then upload to a drop box or my Google Drive.

I would recommend a dummy account as then people can pick thru to find their own pics.

I have an AP, so I nicely linked everyone to to me to share MM. It was such a pain pulling out everyone’s pictures for a trip last January. (It was family, friends, and friends of the friends …19 people in total)

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As @LTinNC82 said, I created a dummy account. Basically, a new MDE account that I then had everyone in the share add to their Friends and Family list. When it came time, they could log into the dummy account directory to download their own photos.

I DID attempt to first download the photos into a Google Drive directory for each person in the share…but this proved to be tedious and annoying when I was actually on our trip for ourselves, because I just had my phone and tablet with me. If I had brought my laptop, it would have been easier.

The downside is, of course, you have to log into two different MDE accounts…your own, and the dummy account. But fortunately, you can see all your watermarked photos in your own account. You only need to log into the dummy account when you actually want to download the photos without the watermark.

And technically, no one actually needs to share their photos to the dummy account on their friends and family list until they want to actually start downloading them. Once you download them, you can unshare them again. (You have to do this from the website, though, not the app…for some reason, the app won’t let you control this part.)


Thank you for the details.

One more question. I buy the MM from my dummy account, right? If I buy it from my own account, others won’t be able to edit and download.

Generally, yes, that’s how you would do it. Although, if you buy it from your own, you can transfer the memory maker to another account as long as you haven’t activated it yet.

Didn’t know this! How do you do that?

I didn’t confirm it is correct, but try this:,and%20then%20confirm%20your%20choice.

Thanks for the info! So many details for a WDW trip!:grimacing:

Happy New Year! I’m working on my trip and seem to have run into a problem.

I set up a dummy account with an another email address. I invited myself and DH from the dummy account. I accepted the invitation from my account. I selected that the dummy account can view “only our shared plans” and “my Disney PhotoPass Photos”. I clicked “Save.” Following is a shot from my account.

In my dummy account, it sees my my plans, even though I selected that the dummy account can view “only our shared plans”. We have no shared plans with the dummy account. What am I missing? Paging @ryan1. Following is a shot from my dummy account.

Hmm. I am not sure. At first glance, it seems right. Make sure the dummy account is also not sharing plans, and your actual accounts are sharing any plans.

Neither my dummy account nor our actual accounts are sharing any plans! If we do not have any plans with my dummy account, which my actual account says I don’t, then the dummy account should not be able to see my plans! Thanks for trying.

Paging @QwertySC. Didn’t you do a MM share also? If so, do you see something wrong with my set-up?

I was part of one in 2019 and it was not easy. I will see if I can see what you’re looking at.

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