Pros/Cons areas in POR

Trying to figure out where to request room…We want connecting rooms on 2nd floor, standard. Really, that’s all that matters to me. We stayed in AB last time we stayed at POR so I was thinking of requesting MB this time. I’m not concerned about proximity to pool or food court as I’m happy to walk to those whenever we want to go there. I’m more concerned about having full buses pass us at a later stop on the way to the parks especially early am when we are trying to get to RD. We stayed at CBR last time and had issues with this. For this reason, should I not request MB? Any recent experiences?

I requested a room near the west depot when I was there in Nov. They are AB rooms. The west depot is the first one to be picked up, so there will not be any full busses passing you. It’s also the first one to be dropped back off. It worked perfectly for us! Also I don’t think I waited any more than 10min for a bus during our trip. Good luck! :slight_smile:


Like @HakunaMatata93 says, you want to be near the West Depot. Building 24 and 25 and right next to a quiet pool. We are going next month and I have a request in for 25. Also, I think that they only have the fold down beds in AB, though I could be wrong there, but that’s what’s said on

You could request to be in MB, but you’ll want to be near the North Depot if so. We stayed in building 38 in AB near the North Depot July 4th week and almost always got a seat and wait times were very short for the busses

What’s the RD abbreviation? I can’t figure it out and it’s hurting my head.

Thanks for the insight.
RD=rope drop (park opening)

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