Hi all,
Leaving for Orlando in the next couple of weeks and haven’t got a set plan… I’m running out of time.
I will be proposing to my girlfriend whilst on holiday.
Can anyone advise on any good locations within Disney (not in front of the castle) or off Disney property like a nice lake or beach? I have a few ideas myself but would like to hear about other options.
Will Disney assist in making it extra special?


How exciting! Congratulations!
How about somewhere around Crescent Lake/Boardwalk area? There is a gazebo like structure that tends to be quiet and is right on the lake.
You can visit any of the hotels even if you aren’t staying there. The grounds of the GF are beautiful and there would be lots of options for proposal locations.
There is the beach area between the Poly and the GF (so the castle would be in the background).


I would definitely let your hotel know your plans - particularly if you are staying on property. Are you wanting a location in park? What resort are you staying at?

I would love a spot on World Showcase - so many pretty spots with less foot traffic. Is there a particular country that you or he have a personal connection to (whether real life connection or just a connection to the world showcase spot)?

ETA: if it were me, I’d pick a spot in France and then do dinner at Monsieur Paul.


If you go somewhere to eat to celebrate, definitely make a note on your ADR - signature restaurants will likely ring celebratory champagne. When you let the hotel know, get some celebration pins to - that way you can wear them after she says yes!

How about during a carriage ride at Port Orleans resort?


Time a ride photo at least a few times with you holding the ring, and her looking at you. Make sure to have the ring secured, maybe with some dental floss just in case.
Tower of Terror comes to mind. REALLY easy to time the photo, and they are pretty clear photos.

Splash is easy, too, and you’ll be side by side.

Me? I’d propose at:

The entrance to Hollywood, near the big round mound of flowers before the bag checks.

On The Boardwalk, with some Ample Hills ice cream.

HEA Dessert Party on the back fence of the garden viewing area.

On Astro Orbiter

There’s a few little viewing type areas in Epcot right on the water. Ireland and France come to mind. There are also some pavillions with viewing areas upstairs, I believe.

Chef Mickey’s in front of the MM statue?

In a park, I’d assume ANY PhotoPass cm will hook you up with a great pic, too.


Someone on chat a few months ago did this. Proposal at a pandora photo spot. Got it all in pictures. Somehow he alerted the CM what he was doing. Neat to get the pictures! Your hotel might be able to help too. So many pretty spots to pick.


Does she have a favorite “country” at EPCOT? There are some intimate areas that you may find in her favorite.

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What hotel are you staying at? We went to Narcossee’s for dinner (GF) one night and just took a stroll outside afterward. There are some pretty areas around that resort.

Does she like animals? What about taking something like “Caring of Giants” and when you’re in the viewing areas for the elephants, you can propose and the CM will take a picture.

Or even somewhere along the pathways, either to view animals or on Discovery Island in AK.

I’m assuming there will be people to call once you’ve proposed, so make sure you have a space where those calls can take place.

How exciting!

A few places to consider:

  • the Poly beach during fireworks
  • have reservations at CG at any point in the day, then return to watch fireworks at the top of the Contemporary…pop the question during a high point in the music
  • GF lobby when the band’s playing…maybe you could ask them to play a certain song?
  • a favorite WS country
  • Hoop Dee Doo (a little more silly, but cute)
  • time the photo for Space Mountain just right, and have you holding the ring box (WITH THE RING SECURED NICE AND TIGHT MAYBE EVEN HAVE THE BOX TIED TO YOUR HAND BECAUSE OMG) when the photo hits…then scream “will you marry me?!” (very silly, but could be your style!)

There was a proposal at the table next to us at CG. The proposal came on a special dessert. Bonus was several tables jumped up and took pictures, so the event was well documented.

My first thought was a carriage ride at POFQ. You could ride the boat there after a dinner in DS.

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I saw a proposal at the Mickey/Minnie meet in MK in July. Girl was hugging Mickey with her back to the guy, guy dropped to his knee with the box, and Mickey saw, turned the girl around, and started jumping up and down.


This is my fave. Semi private. Photographer guaranteed with no preplanning. Mouse.


I would try to see if you could get Mickey to do it at a meet and greet! (or Donald)

Just be careful of your timing if you do this with the fireworks - I used to drive fireworks cruises and someone proposed at the beginning of Wishes and they both missed all of the fireworks because she was so overwhelmed.

They also have some nice gardens behind the UK (although sometimes a rock band plays there.)

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OMG - i have to follow this thread so i can know which one was picked and how it went!!!


I like the ride photo idea! Maybe not screaming but just hold a sign with “will you marry me” all sneaky, and then when you get off the ride to look at the photo she will see it and you can do the rest! Presupposes that photopass is working and actually catches your ride picture… (omg if that photo actually shows up in someone else’s account lol)… maybe Haunted Mansion mirrors as a back up if the first try has glitchy or slow photopass… then Hoop de Doo to celebrate because you can’t help but be happy there and everyone else will be too it’s like a big party!


Wow, thank you all so much for your comments. Many ideas to consider, I’m quite set on poly beach but wondering how busy it will be?

I’m staying at Pop but struggling to find any romantic areas apart from maybe the lake.

Has anyone done the Ferrytale fireworks?

If you’re set on a beach, here’s a good article listing the resort beaches with some pictures that can help you get an idea.

Whenever I’ve visited the Poly beach (morning/afternoon), it has not been very busy. Since there’s no swimming, I usually just see people walking around, not gathering in group. I would go with the plan of visiting the Deluxe resorts via the monorail and walk around the Poly or Grand Floridian until you find a quiet, romantic spot that feels right!


Yeah, it would depend on the time. Expect the Poly beach (or any beach where you can see fireworks) to be crowded during that time for sure.