Proposal: Integrate Standby Skipper into Disney touring plans

The SS folks have made helpful contributions to threads in the forum and they seem like nice people, but for the reasons others have mentioned, I would not like to see the SS tools integrated into TP. I would view this change as a negative for TP.


I’ve not read up on SS much as I’d have zero interest in a computer picking or changing my LLs. We would begrudgingly pay for G+ but we visit every few years from overseas, not multiple times per year.

Even optimising a plan I’d always keep a backup copy in case the change was worse or the sequence didbt make sense to use

Only way I could see this fitting would be as a “higher tier” optional subscriotion if it could work for someone new to Disney who doesn’t know how to get the best out of the system.

BG1 did defintely help make good use of G+ & amazing for getting a virtual queue but I wonder if @joel is reluctant to be involved with a link up.


It’s optional fir TP users so sounds like it could be a win-win.


On a completely different line of feedback, what sounds far more compelling an integration to me, is if standby skipper can follow a plan from an “evaluate” perspective and not and “optimize” perspective.

So, I have a set plan and SS just does the booking for me to match my plan. This would be really nice.

I know TP functions the best when you optimize o site, but I still remember the day when people laminated their paper TP! I think a lot of people like to follow their predetermined plan. This could be a “first step” integration.

If you go down the “optimize” route I think you need to set a higher bar for what constitutes a shirtee wait - or let people set that bar (change my LL if it will save me 10 extra mins).

I say this because having my LL switched out would throw me off. Especially if you have a family who want to know when they are going to ride the headliners. It would be weird to be expecting to ride MFSR after lunch and then have SS switch that out to TOT.

And it would REALLy need to pay attention to the preference for reducing walking vs reducing waiting.


For me, as an Evaluate fan, that’s the last thing I’d want. I use Evaluate because that’s what makes sense to me. It doesn’t follow that I want my next LL to be the next attraction in my plan.

I know I wouldn’t have to use SS. But if the TP algorithm uses SS as the “norm” then does that mean an inferior product for those that want to use the touring plans tool the original way?


I feel BG1 functionality, ethos and clearness is the way to go. It actually helps planning and less time on phone. I feel SS will just add more readjustments and time on phone on a park day.

Moreover I feel TP is struggling a lot to make the “add LL” feature work at all (most of the times it’s kind of a one or two random LL suggestions that adds to a standard plan). Adding SS to a functionally that doesn’t work is like doubling the stakes


I would not be interested in using standby skipper separately or integrated into TP. I’ve been a few times since it’s been around and we have no problem booking our own LL.


I should further clarify, because I completely agree that how you describe it, would be bad. When I lay out my plan, I also mark which ones I am going to get an LL for. So in an evaluate scenario, it would only get LL for the rides you have designated.


Honestly, I have used it becaise MDE and Android do not integrate well and I have lost the ability to book (when BG1 was gone).

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Not sure where to begin, I don’t like to look in the past normally but I feel led to share. As others have stated, the posts and threads have been extensive the past year with the TP software not recommending the best time to book LL’s, not suggesting the max number of LL’s, and forecasting very inaccurate return times mainly. (maybe these things are mostly fixed, I dunno) I know we had discussion here about these issues with @fred too.

Maybe this is a good fit for non-planners, I don’t know. But my concern is that the TP software on it’s own is still inaccurate, and the idea to bring in SS is sort of a “fix”. Maybe I’m all wrong and I apologize, but we just want great basic software so we can build our plans w/G+ ahead of time, without having to always use Thrill Data and deep research to do it.

At this time, I would much rather like to see TP partnering with some of it’s own right here. @Joshua9000 (Genie Emerald) and @antirobo1 have built great and very accurate programs with a G+ optimizer & G+ simulation and are great software engineers.

I realize that Disney’s G+ system has been a big challenge for Touring Plans. Len, this community has some of the best data experts. And we really care and want Touring Plans to remain successful. I also understand future challenges when Disney makes changes again as part of their G+ pre-booking plans.

I don’t know how BG1 and TP would fit together since BG1 is mostly private and not really meant for public use.


I think that is a questionable collaboration as the tool takes it too far in that it’s not just advising you on your strategy, it’s automating it. Touring plans empowers the user to make the best decisions it doesn’t ever do it for them.


I agree with the risky monetization of this collaboration in addition to the loss of control of the plan for those of us super planners in the TP community.

Do we have any additional information/rumors on the changes coming in 2024 and when these may be implemented? 2024 is indeed only 30 days away. If prebooking becomes the norm, it seems there would be less need for this service.


Please don’t do this. Standby Skipper is making Genie+ worse for everyone. A human being can’t compete with a bot ddos’ing Disney’s servers to grab the best lightning lane times. I really hope Disney shuts them down, and I’m confident I”m not alone.


Mainly it’s just you and me, kid. :joy:

But I am :100: on the same page with you


How much would this add to a TP subscription?

Also too, no sir, I don’t like it.


Me too!


I think lots of people are opposed to it, and with very good reasons.

I’m one of the few that sees these tools as a cheat. Happy to have company though - it’s a lonely opinion (but that doesn’t change it for me!)


I have never liked the idea of Standby Skipper. Much more a cheat than other things I know you don’t like. I 1000% agree with you on this one.


Put me in the no camp as well. I wonder if negotiations are continuing…


I would be incredibly disappointed if my rates went up bc of this. I have found community here so I continue to pay, but if it is more for a service that I don’t intend on using, I will likely cancel my subscription.