ProphetPaul’s Planning Process - Part 2 - “Perfect” Plan(s)

This is actually the reason I’m not sure DW will run the 5k, which is why I posted this: RunDisney event registration - possible to change runner?

She won’t have a problem running (or walking) the 5k, but I’m not sure she will be willing to wake up that early, lol!

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@TheProphetPaul where do you get/how do you make your spreadsheets?

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The screenshots I shared above are from PowerPoint. It’s actually not a spreadsheet. I’ll share it when I have some time later. Read about it in this thread: Keeping track of your plans? Tools?

And I thought my spreadsheets were detailed…

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From what I understand, you can book 2 FPs with your MNSSHP tix, but there have been issues with the MDE system where it thinks you are using one of your regular ticket days (which can cause issues with your FPs for your last day). I’m not sure how to resolve the issue. If it were me, I would call Disney and get some instruction from a CM closer to my travel dates. I may be in the same boat as you. We have a trip booked for the end of October. I love MNSSHP and would like to get tix, but since our daughter won’t nap (she will be 4.5 then) we had her back in the room by 8:00 pm last trip (making MNSSHP not feasible). Why wife and I will likely re-evaluate as we get closer to our dates whether we want to get MNSSHP tix and let our daughter stay up late one night,

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With kids the ages of yours, I would book FPs for JC and and POTC over HM. Not sure how late you are staying, but after the fireworks at MNSSHP I’ve seen JC and POTC as walk-ons and low waits for HM.

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We are going the same week as you (Sat- Sat, one day less) and I noticed your crowd levels on the PowerPoint do not match the actual crowd calendar for those dates. Yours are higher. I much prefer the crowd calendar numbers! :slight_smile: Am I missing something? Also, for EMM mornings, are you basing that schedule on assumed dates from past history- they haven’t been released yet, right?
And this plan looks amazing. We will be at AoA, in Cars suite with my husband, daughter-in-law and grandsons who will be 4.5 and 2.2 years old. (sorry, hate using those DX abbreviations). The boys are early risers but not night owls so we can’t be as aggressive with the evenings as your plan in the beginning is.
Also, did you watch the TP video of MNSSH? We did and although it looks really cool, I don’t think we are going to go to the party. It seemed geared to a slightly older age group than a 4 year old. (I.e., the parade includes grave diggers - that wouldn’t scare him, he just wouldn’t get it). Didn’t seem like a lot that would appeal to our older grandson. Not worried about him being scared, just didn’t seem like it included things he would relate to. But, per my previous comment, we need to limit our late nights with the boys and that factors in too - never mind the cost.
And thanks for the PowerPoint template - I downloaded it and will be using it for sure. I’ve used Excel spreadsheets in the past but love these graphics.

Correct. The fall EMM dates have not been released yet.

There is much wisdom here.

Especially the last part. Happens to me (almost) every time I tweak my plan. How did I not realise the previous version was rubbish?


The worst / hardest part of the planning are where you are forced to make a choice between two things you want to do. One of them cannot be fitted into the schedule and must go.

This site is both a blessing and a curse. The plan is finally laid to rest: finished and perfect. But then someone mentions something that makes you think “Ooh! It would be so cool to do that!” And then the battle begins: what will be sacrificed to make way for it?


From my previous post ProphetPaul’s Planning Process - Part 1 – Proposal:

I’m just assuming the same days of the week as currently scheduled (Sunday/Tuesday for MK and Monday/Wednesday for HS)

I’m actually not sure what our evenings will be like. I really hope we can do at least one of the fireworks events, and the MNSSHP. I’ll have a better idea as fall approaches.

I just revisited TP’s blog post about the least/most crowded MNSSHP, and the night I’ve planned for is the 2nd most crowded after Halloween! OOPS! The Tuesday night party is rated much better. I guess I’ll be re-arranging my “perfect” plan yet again! Fun fun fun!

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Thanks - I will follow your plans for sure…

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Case in point: this week I switched from Pop to CSR simply because someone mentioned CSR and it inspired me to have a look at it. Once I saw the rooms there have been refurbished Pop was doomed …


wow, this is so much info. and with such a positive and philosophical outlook to go with it. I feel like I had lots of little thoughts here and there, but overall I’d say that if you want/need to save money, you could cut out the MK EMM. With 4 days at MK and more strategic use of FPs, you could easily do everything.

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Thanks! I’ve actually been thinking about this lately. The big question in my mind is whether DS4 or DS3 will like coasters, and if so, would we want to ride 7DMT several times (they love Snow White for some reason, even though DS4 is scared straight of the witch). I’m going to take them to the local Six Flags in the spring to see what they think of the “kiddie” coaster they’ve got there (well, just DS4, DS3 isn’t quite tall enough yet right now).

This is a good idea. Best to know in advance. My daughter took one look at the Barnstormer and all coasters were out for the entire trip.

My 3 year old asked 3 questions before deciding whether to go on any ride:

(1) Is it fast?
(2) Is it dark?
(3) Are there bad guys in it?

I was able to talk her into the rides where it was dark. And I was able to talk her into rides with bad guys so long as I told her when the bad guys were coming to give her a change to cover her eyes (eg Ursula at Under the Sea). But we never got her onto anything “fast”.

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sounds like a good idea to find out in advance, best you can. You can try UTube videos too, to get a sense of general interest and whether it strikes them as scary. That’s helped with my daughter, who gets easily scared. but with 4 days of MK, you can still get several 7DMT FPs, and easily change them for something else while there, if it turns out they don’t like it.

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Good idea. I hadn’t thought of that! Thanks!