Proper way to share a Memory Maker

We have 2 seperate reservations that overlap by 1 day. What is the proper procedure to link these accounts for a memory maker? Do they need to be linked before the first use, or can they be linked after the trip is over?

Thank you

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Are they both your own reservations or do they belong to 2 separate families?

They are separate families, could we just link the magic bands under memory maker, or do we need to share the mde accounts?

whichever MDE account purchased the MM they have to send an invite to the other MDE (other family) account to be add them to their “Friends and Family” list. Once they’re linked that way you can all share the one MM. Make sure once they are added to your Friends and Family list edit their settings to make sure they can view and purchase MM photos

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So going to MM and adding the magic band numbers to the account isn’t enough?

I don’t believe so (although I could be wrong), when I did a MM share back in Sept I had to link our accounts together so that the other individual was on my friends/family list. He didn’t have access to my MDE account though, that was still private, but he had to be linked to it so that his magic band would link to my MM.