Programs for expectant mothers

Hi! How are you?

My name is Pedro. I am writing from Brazil - sorry for the possibles writing errors, then.

Me, my wife and some friends have a trip do Orlando on late January/early February, next year. When we made our trip scheduled, the theme parks took a big slice of our time.

But, about a month ago, we discoverd that my wife is pregnant! It was a litlle “unexpected”, but we are very very happy (and ansious!) about this.

When we discovered that, in the same moment we realized that she couldn’t go to all theme parks (many attractions are no recomended for expectant mothers and she will need to slow down - in the time of the trip, she will be with 29 weeks, six to seven months).

So, i was wondering what kind of places we can go on the days we can’t visit the parks…can you recommend programs to relax?? Any suggestions are very welcome!

Thank you very much and hope it all works out! She and the baby really deserves this.

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St. Augustine is a nice city to visit probably about 2 hours northeast of Orlando. The beach is like Daytona.

Cocoa Beach is near Cape Canaveral where you can tour. They also have a pier at the beach and Ron Jon’s surf shop.

Thank you! Despite i am looking for something inside Orlando, its a great tip. I will consider this. =)

My wife lovely insists to me go to the parks with our friends, thats why we need somewhere inside orlando - a place that i can leave her before the parks and get back when we finish the parks. Or, at least, somewhere she can go by taxi if she wants to sleep more in our hotel.

She can explore the resorts. She can sit and relax in the lobby and other areas. Many have activities.

You should know that the WDW parks are not all about the rides. There are meet and greets where she can get pictures with a princess or Mickey and Minnie for your little one. There’s shade and ambiance of just being in the parks. There’s shopping and trying out snacks. There are shows, as well. When she’s tired out, she can go back to the resort and rest or sit by the pool.

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Thank you for the answers!

Yes, i know that theres a lot do see on the parks beyond the attractions! She will visit some of them, like MK e Epcot. But, in the other hand, the Universal Parks, for example…o dont know if its worth.

All the major attractions are forbidden…and its not very cool for her spend the whole day waiting for us.

On the MK, for example, we was able do book Be Our Guest for lunch. There are the shows, parades, many atrractions that she can go, but on the days that we will to UO e IA - and probably HS and AK - i am not sure if its worth the visit or we should program another thing for her - like i am trying to discover on this topic. =)

Again, thank you!

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That’s kind of what I was thinking. Also the showsame in the parks.

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Sorry, should have continued reading! It seems like AK should have plenty to do if she has any interest in animals.