Profmatt goes Fourth — Facebook group

I have decided to continue to document my trip planning in a Facebook group. I will also “live blog” my trip as it happens and upload photos to the group.

You can join the group here:


Alas, enjoy, all. Some of us don’t do Facebook. I hope you’ll still publish your highlights here, profmatt. :slight_smile:

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Same here- not on Facebook but would love to keep up with your trip planning here. Like you I am also celebrating my 50th birthday this year with a trip to WDW. Yay middle (late?) age lol.

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Same, I don’t use Facebook, hope you still post here…

Don’t do Facebook, but very glad to have you back @profmatt. We missed you the last few days.

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I’ve always thought you should start a blog. This is a good first step!

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I, too, don’t (won’t!) use Facebook. Nor Instagram. (Or most popular social media platforms.) So, I’m out of luck. ;(

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Unless Matt decides to do a blog! That way he would own his own content.

Not on Facebook either— would love to still follow along.

Same here! :frowning_face:

I don’t use them either, but out of curiosity… why does everyone here avoid them?

Sorry. This is my only social media. I do not do facebook. Hope to catch your trip reports.

For me I prefer my privacy and I don’t want people to know my every detail especially when the majority are just being nosy. I don’t like drama so I don’t want to get sucked into that aspect either in particular religion and politics. I’m sure there is a good benefit to social media, but I mainly see downsides like a time suck of “catching up” and then the whole comparison/grass is greener on the other side. To each their own, but I won’t ever get back to Facebook.


Well said. I’m the same. I like my privacy. If I need to ‘keep up’ with you, I can do it in other ways. If I can’t, then you’re probably not important to me.

But mostly, I don’t like that FB collects so much data on people and appropriates it all as their own. They even take the copyright on photos, I believe. Everything put on their site belongs to them. I don’t like that.


Exactly! I hate the boasting from people I barely know and am extremely paranoid about the information anyone can take from there.
Nope, never liked it much.


I did not know this. Now I am even more paranoid… :grimacing:

DH thinks the FB demographic is under 30 and over 65…

Not sure about the under 30. My kids have an account, but only use it if they are playing a game that requires FB for a log in. DS13 doesn’t even check his email because FB sends him so much junk that he has no interest in. They use other text-based software to keep up with their peers, like Snapchat.

probably not so much younger kids, 20s and 65+

it’s original demo was college students

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That’s just a settings issue. I use FB all the time and haven’t had an email off them since about the second week after I joined. I agree that they all use Snapchat though. And IG too.