Problems with TPs

I’m seeing 3 big problems with TPs for WDW.

  1. For the parks with tiered FPs, you have to know which attractions are in which tiers. I would think that for a paid service that relies on data analysis and algorithms, the tier restrictions should be built into the software - but you can select any 3 FPs you want, regardless of tiers.

  2. It does not suggest where exactly to use your 3 FPs. It offers multiple suggestions on which attractions to use them on, but shouldn’t it recommend exactly where and when to use the 3 FPs based on expected crowd levels and your selection of attractions? In other words, you should be able to optimize without selecting any FPs, and the results should tell you exactly when and where to use your 3 FPs.

  3. It does not appear to account for the ability to obtain additional FPs after using the first 3. For instance, if you put together a schedule at MK using all 3 FPs in the AM, it should recommend obtaining 4th, 5th, etc. FPs for the attractions that it predicts FPs will still be available. Again, based on the data analysis, I would think this should be programmed into the code.

I’m struggling to convince myself I’m getting my money’s worth when these basic principles aren’t incorporated into the TPs.

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If you go into the advanced options for FP, it lists which FP are in which tier. I kind of agree that this should be done automatically, but I’m not a programmer so I don’t know how hard that would be to do, and WDW do change the tiers occasionally - like when Soarin was down, MS was moved into tier 1.

TP can’t account for people’s preferences. Some queues are more fun than others so there are rides that some people will choose to do standby even if it would be a good use of a FP. Others just want the shortest wait times. You also have no guarantee of getting a specific FP - if the plan told you to get X, Y and Z and you couldn’t, how would you know what to try for if no options were given?

TP only assesses which rides have a FP available for a single person. That’s not necessarily useful if you’re travelling with a large party and need 12 FPs. What’s available will also vary from day to day. I don’t see how this would be really helpful.

If you don’t feel you’re getting your money’s worth, TP offer a 45 day money back guarantee. Email I personally think for the tiny amount they charge, the service you get is phenomenal. I’d pay it just for access to chat and the forum. You also get the room fax, the reservation finder, the crowd calendar…all on top of the plans which have always been spot on for me.