Problems getting through Disney automated phone system

Hey everyone, I have been trying to get to a CM on the Disney phone line, but for some reason it doesn’t acknowledge my voice or my keypad. I thought it was a phone problem, but I did the same steps on a friend’s phone and it wouldn’t work either. I was able to get through earlier this morning, but I didn’t have 1/2 hour to wait on hold. Has anyone else been experiencing this problem?

Someone mentioned this on Chat earlier today and said it seemed to just be an issue with the system. It resolved itself earlier but maybe it’s back down. Keep trying.

Thank you for writing back. I was about ready to go to Verizon to figure out what was wrong!

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Oh good…glad to know it just wasn’t me. I thought I needed them to add a “Press 3 if you’re from Texas” option. Those automated things never understand me.