Problems Booking Cape May Cafe

I have been trying to book a breakfast ADR for Cape May Cafe and have not been having a luck finding any reservations 60 days out.

I can book dinners (for my dates) and breakfasts just a couple of weeks out. But nothing, nada, zip, for 60 plus days out.

I feel like there is a glitch or that they are stopping breakfast.

Anyone have any info?

Thanks in advance!

I have breakfast booked at Cape May for February 4. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if breakfasts for your dates just haven’t loaded yet. My ADRs were super glitchy with when things were released as many many resort meals didn’t open until 55 days out.

I also noticed that they released a bunch of Garden Grills later than normal, so I would either keep checking obsessively or set up an ADR finder.

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Thanks for the info. I can find reservations up February 10th but nothing after.

Hopefully it’s just a glitch, but I do have a back up breakfast booked at Chef Mickey’s. Which also works.


Be aware that since DDR’s have went to only 2 hours for cancelation before reservation, people are going to be booking multiple reservations for the same day due to this factor.

I’m happy to report that there are now plenty of reservations for the date I need. You were correct about it being super glitchy.



Great news that you got what you wanted! :partying_face:

We love Cape May’s! Those shrimp are killer size and the Clam Chowder is to die for. Because it is at a resort, few people know what they are missing. Have a great time!