Problem with online check-in CBR, only 1 village available to select

I’m 38 days away and today when I was looking at my booking in MDE I checked the requests I made for the room because I was thinking of maybe changing them. I had requested Jamaica and Water View and I was surprised to see that only Water View was selected. When I checked to add Jamaica again I couldn’t, because the only option I have for villages is Martinique.
I booked a King Room but I saw that there are a lot of them in Jamaica so I’m not sure why I don’t have the option to request it anymore.
Has this ever happened to anybody else before? Is it just a MDE bug?

There were reports last week that building requests were removed from online check in options. I believe this is true for all resorts.

Oh ok thanks, I didn’t hear about it. It’s weird that Martinique is left though. Oh well I’ll see how it goes. I’ll try the fax thing from TP.

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