Problem entering start time for custom plan in Lines app

I’m new to the Lines app, visiting WDW in late March/ early April. I’m having a problem putting in a start time. When I enter a plan for, say, Apr 2, and try to enter 8:30 a.m. for a start time (the predicted Early Entry time), it gets changed to 9:30. If I instead enter 7:30, it changes that to 8:30, which is what I want—but then when I save the plan, it reverts back to the default 9:00 anyway. Am I doing something wrong?

Did you check the box saying you were taking advantage of Early Entry?

Is you plan “using park hours” and then early entry?

I don’t see anywhere to indicate Early Entry! Help?

I just opened a plan in my app:

I get the same first page when I go into the premium plans. This is a HS Covid Plan I opened (copy)

Thanks for the screenshots! My screen doesn’t show the Park Open and Park Close options like that, and the difference is that my dates are farther out. When I switch to your dates in Jan and Feb, I see what you see. I guess when we get closer to my dates, I’ll see those options too?

That must be it! Park hours are about 70 days out?

If you make a personalize plan from your dashboard on Touringplans page, it does show expected EE times and lets you make a plan around entering part at that time.

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