Problem customizing Wizarding World Two Parks, One day TP

Looks like Universal published their hours for 9/16/15 and the park will be open later. The crowd calendar page has been uploaded with new hours and when I tried to customize the plan to this particular date it pulls in the correct hours, but then it’s giving me some very weird times - starting in line at Gringotts at 6:30am and won’t plan anything after 5pm except the Leaky Cauldron. All I did was update the date, set the start to main entrance and click the evaluate button. Anyone else having similar problems?

It is best to e-mail with technical problems like this - they are usually quick to respond with a resolution.

Thanks! I’ll forward there.

I did a dummy tp for this day It went loopy when I evaluated I then optimised instead and it worked, Would suggest to Optimise then move stuff around to an order you want then Evaluate. If changing start finish times think you need to optimise before evaluating

thanks, I tried optimize and then moved things back into good order & evaluating then, but once I hit evaluate to goes funky again. I’m going to contact the webmaster as brklinck suggested and see if they can get it working for me. :slight_smile:

That means you have put something where it cant go normally this is to do with Hex and arriving at DA and entering DA. Optimise is best . To Evaluate you move 1 thing at a time then evaluate after each move this will tell you where the error glitch is.

Are you still having problems? Did you forward your plan to

Yes - I still couldn’t get it to work, so I emailed the webmaster. Thanks for checking. :slight_smile: