Probably the 1st time shes been told no in her life

This girl is definitely not a liner. No ADR’s? NO Dinner for you! Can anyone tell which restaurant this takes place at? (NSFW language)

HAHA You have no power here


As she is talking about wanting to sit at the hibachi grill (yet another mistake on her part, as it is a teppanyaki grill not a hibachi grill, but I digress) I’m assuming that it is Teppan Edo.

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I think it is hilarious that someone recorded that. That CM is amazing.

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Yes, I think you’re right. I recognize the background now that you say that.

Eww. That girl represents everything I hate about the world.

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Wow - that CM should get a raise for not hitting her.


A mini-peave of mine as well. A hibachi is a small open-flame “grill”. A teppan is a large metal “griddle”. “Yaki” loosely translated to “grilled”, so “teppanyaki” means grilled on a teppan.

Oops - forgot about the “yaki” = “grilled” thing. That’s what I get for Lining on the Commuter Bus in the wee hours of the morning…

Wow. I really hope the filmer let poor CM Bob from Atlantic City know that he had a video of the crazy crazy girl and Bob’s exceptionally calm and professional response to her. I would be so ashamed if I had a child who behaved like her.

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