Probably Cancelling Grand Floridian For December - Where to stay?

We have a trip to WDW the week before Christmas and have planned on staying at Grand Floridian for the first time. With the changes like the pared down Magical Express service it’s not as valuable to me to stay on property so I’m suggesting we change to a cheaper hotel.

Our priority park for the visit is Magic Kingdom and being near it or easy travel to is a top decider.

I don’t care about the pool or anything at the hotel outside of clean and nice room, it’ll be December and it’s a short trip so I’m not going swimming and I am not going to Florida to spend time in the hotel.

I’ve seen very good prices at Swan, Bonnet Creek and the Holiday Inn nearby but wanted to see if people had any opinion or suggestions?

Never been to Holiday Inn or Bonnet Creek but seen the Swan rooms. They looked very clean and nice. I thought the inside of the hotel was pretty. I’d stay there for sure for a better deal given it’s proximity to two theme parks. You mentioned MK but Epcot or DHS? If so then I’d pick the Swan for the boat and walking distance to two theme parks.

I’m not wedded to any hotel, these were just the ones that came up initially in my searches.

I’m looking at anything BUT I’d like something that is easy/quickest to get to Magic Kingdom. We are doing MK and Epcot this visit and maybe we might go to another but maybe not but most of our time will be in MK.

How about a garden wing at the contemporary if available. Walk to MK

Nothing available. At this point I’m looking at staying off property and save myself thousands since there’s not much advantage to staying on property since my family isn’t an get up early and be there for early hours kind of family.

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Is this for next month? Will you have a car?

Yes. December 2021. We are flying in and didn’t plan on renting a car.

Do you have a car?

Didn’t plan on renting a car. We are in WDW for 4 days, then going to Universal for a couple of days.

Lyft/Uber will work for your group?

Flamingo Crossing might be an option


I have heard RAVE reviews about the new places at Flamingo Crossing. Specifically there is one that’s something like Home Suite or something. Inexpensive, new, clean, great breakfast INCLUDED, and an all-suite hotel

Verified: Home2 Suites by Hilton


I don’t think they get any “good neighbor” benefits but I too have heard great things.

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yeah, considering the vast amount of money I’ll be saving Uber/Lyft is fine with me.


Yeah, the price is right too— how bad is it getting from there to Magic Kingdom?

You will need to be dropped off at the TTC

Have you considered fort wilderness? A boat ride away from MK. It might be a bit more affordable yet still in the magic

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MK specifically not sure but it was literally under a minute to being on property. It is essentially next door to Coronado if that helps

I think nav services have you take Western Way to Lake Buena Vista and then you swirl around here and there and wind up on the boulevard from Epcot to TTC. Which seems forever.

Many years ago in the before, like 2017, I stumbled on a short cut that I think is mostly for CMs.

If you’re uber/lyfting they’ll likely go the way they’re meant to go.

Flamingo Crossing is like across WDW.

Maybe someone with better info will come along.

I read somewhere that MK was 10 miles from AK. fyi

The map has a pink cross for Flamingo Crossing and a red cross for MK.

The lighter orange is the way we seem to go but maybe there’s a way to take the darker orange road west of Epcot.

We don’t drive much at the World cuz we always get lost. :see_no_evil:

You might be able to see that little road that’s left turn about a third into Western Way. That’s the cutoff possibly for CMs only