Probably a no-brainer, but

Really pondering adding a late August WDW trip to my plans as I’m getting itchy with the thought of a 1-2 year gap between visits. The dining card deal makes it doable - looking at a Moderate since $100/day will just about cover me…and whatever extra I spend would not come close to hitting the price for a Deluxe or maybe a Studio.

For me, Moderate means either CBR or CSR as I hate New Orleans and the “Old South” themes of the PO resorts.

CBR, which used to be my go-to, is probably in second place because I’m still not a fan of the Skyliner with shared buckets - and with late afternoon/evening storms that tend to be de rigeur in August that wouldn’t be an option part of the time anyway. (Also, apparently there are rumors that the Little Mermaid remodel may be spreading across the resort and BLECH. They already have Little Mermaid rooms elsewhere. Do they really need a second set???)

So that leaves CSR, which after my 2021 visit I actually don’t mind. The decision comes down to GDT Water View (or Standard…but that is actually a smidge more than Water View) or for $14 less I could do a Preferred room. I say it’s a no-brainer because the tower rooms are GORGEOUS…but unless things have changed a lot the busses going to the parks stop at the Casitas stop (where the Preferred rooms are) first. Not a huge deal breaker to walk over to that stop, but something to ponder.


(I have also pondered a BRV studio, which are currently available for my dates and that would be a difference of $284.62. I’ll likely spend a little more on food than the $500 card the Moderate would net me for a 5 night stay when it’s $100 a night - but I don’t know that I’d spend $250 more which is what the Studio would get me. And as I read it, you can only use the card on food/drinks.)

Thanks friends!


I’d go with CSR-GDT!!

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Good to see you!

My moderate pick would likely be Coronado for many of the same reasons as yours. However, I couldn’t do the Tower. We were in Casitas, I think building 5, and I wouldn’t mind staying there again. We were 4, one of us with a lot of luggage. Fewer folks or less stuff would be great in that room. Which seemed more like the size of our ASS room than our CBR room. I’m probably misremembering.

Don’t you usually travel at non-regular times? Maybe the bus stop wouldn’t make that much difference. More difference to us was time on the bus in the resort. At OKW and POR our lodging was situated that we could get off the bus first, and get on the bus last with minimal difference in walking. We’re usually at the stop between 6:30 and 7 am. Or earlier.

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I’m solo and travel light, so luggage storage isn’t a huge problem for me. LOL.

You may be right in that it may be a non-issue bus-wise. I am not allergic to standing being used to NYC public transportation (heck, that even got me on a bus once - there was just a bit of standing room and the driver said he would call for another bus immediately since I was the only one left…I looked at the space and said “I’m from Brooklyn…” (his tag said Queens) and he laughed and said “Get in here!”)…I just don’t want to be standing there while the bus leaves because it’s too full. I’m looking at the end of August, so a lot of the US will be back in school, but not all…and it seems like August is a popular time for the Brits to come. :smiley: I’m an early person too.


Then definitely do the Tower and let the busses shake out however.

Tho you could leave the bus at first stop to walk to GDT.

I think that the Brits are generally here longer. And seem not to be annoying. Since school is just back in session, cheerleaders shouldn’t be a thing. When do the South Americans descend?

Either way tho, late August or early September. Labor Day appears to be the 4th, this year. Sometimes we managed to slip in when Labor Day was later.

I’m glad you’re going. We’re looking at a couple years. :neutral_face:


Very true. The Brits this year were all very polite. No issues - I just joked that sometimes I felt like WDW had been transplanted to the UK as I felt like the only one in an area without a British accent. HAHA!

I think the SATGs are February and/or July?

I’m hoping it works out! I’ll have a better idea in about a week - just getting vacation budgets sorted for the next 12-18 months.