Prix fixe at BOG worth it?

I’ve only been at BOG once about 8 years ago for lunch and it was nice being inside, having food and appreciating the look and feel of the experience.

I’m coming back to WDW in June and managed to get reservations for me and my husband for BOG lunch but saw they only had their $62 prix fixe menu. Is it worth it? Like overall experience would you recommend doing this? (we got an 11:30am reservation). Or would you recommend maybe getting better value meals elsewhere in MK?

Let me know your thoughts, please! Haven’t been in so long!

I think this a totally subjective question. The food is good - very good, particularly for MK. Is it worth $62? If you have significant expendable income, yes. If you’re on a budget but love Beauty and the Beast and want to see the Beast, maybe. If you’re on a budget and the ambience is just an afterthought for you, I’d say hop over to a resort or Disney Springs for better food for the same or lesser price.

To provide my own personal take: it was worth it to me to bring my kids. The Beast is impressive and I’m super glad I did it. If I were to go back on an adults only trip, I would not spend the money again there. I’d probably pop over to California Grill at Contemporary if that’s the price range I was looking at.


I think it also depends on what you like to eat. I’m vegan. for the $62 I get a salad, sauteed vegetables, and a piece of vanilla cake. For $62 I can get a much better meal (or two) at almost every other restaurant in MK or the surrounding resorts, including California Grill.

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We enjoyed dinner as a one credit meal but I don’t think I can justify it now it’s prix fixe. Neither I or DS would eat any of the starters

I have been there a couple of times since it changed to a prix fixe menu. I love having a meal with an appetizer, entree and dessert. If I am ordering all three the price does not seem too expensive (for Walt Disney World).

I adore Beast’s Castle so to me it is “worth it” but I know not everyone feels the same way. It is a big meal to have that early in the day, especially in the heat.


We went to BOG twice in 2017 (before the $62 flat fee) and did both breakfast and dinner. Dinner was first and we were given a great table next to one of the windows - snow swirling outside and a good view of the ballroom a great evening. Breakfast was in the next door library. Definitely dinner was the better visit. We hope to be back in September - US border needs to be opened up for that to happen though - (trip moved from last September to this May to this September!) and will try to get in the West Wing. The price for us (3 adults) is not too bad as we have already budgeted for it (we did have a free DDP until that was cancelled last year). If you are on a tight budget it may not be worth it but if you get the right table the theming is excellent.

11.30 makes a nice lunch (you get the same for lunch and dinner) just soak in the ambiance - if you can afford it you should go.

This is my favorite in park restaurant at Disney. It’s a must do for me every trip. The ambiance is wonderful, the food is top notch, the service is amazing. It is a very high quality experience inside the park, vs the rushed, get you in and get you out a lot of the table service meals have.

I am very excited that you can get the fixed price dinner meal at lunch as I never found lunch to be that great, but the dinner is amazing.


I’m doing this in a couple of weeks but guess what I’ve got planned after our noon lunch. Yup a five hour nap. ;-). Then come back the park for dinner and a couple of nighttime rides. That’s how you eat a big lunch. Ha ha


I have an ADR rez for my last night. Now, I knew this was going to be $$$$, but I was just looking at the menu, and there are only 2 non-alcoholic drinks, and they are both 19.00… that can’t be right is it??

Those would be souvenir cups. A nonalcoholic drink comes with the meal.


Ok that’s good to know- thank you!
Oops- I guess ADR rez is redundant lol.

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