Private Touring Companies for WDW

Has any used, or have recommendations, regarding Private (Not Disney) Touring companies for WDW?

What is the point of them?

Before the loopholes were closed almost three years ago now, they would book FPs on several different MDE accounts, so they could swap magic bands around and give people 6 or 9 or more FPs etc.

That’s now a lot harder to do, so I’m not sure what they now do

Clearly they’re cheaper than the Disney VIP tours, but are really only doing what anyone else could do if they know the parks well. It wouldn’t surprise me if they use TPs to help them plan the day!

Hmm, I guess if it is a local agency with multiple employees and all the employees had APs, they could make extra FPs, all enter the park, then the extra employees could leave and leave their magic bands with the guide. Seems like a lot of work but maybe for really rich people. If it is just one person touring with a guide you can just use the guide’s FPs and get 6 for yourself, that’s easy, but I would assume most of the people wanting this are families.