Private Disney VIP Tours

Not the Disney plaid vest one because there’s only 4 of us and the math on that one is crazy $$
But the private company…How do they do it? I’m looking at reviews on trip advisor and they’re raving! The guides are somehow able to get reservations and fast passes all last minute…? Is this true? Anyone have an inside scoop or experience to share? (I’m chewing on the idea for HS)
(As I’ve said before…I’m a sucker who likes things to feel “in order” and will throw money at the cause if it helps! :rofl:)

I’ll delete the link if it’s not allowed…But my question stands.

There is not any rules that I am aware of that would prohibit that link.

Others might have more insight but they offer these tours with a combination of good planning and some “system work arounds”.

My understanding is that they basically abuse the Disability Access Pass to accomplish this.

But the DAS doesn’t allow you to jump lines. And also require everyone in the party be present to have it added to their magic band.

I know they used to use lots of AP magic bands to book multiple FPs. WDW then clamped down on that, enquiring that a magic band be used to scan into a park before using FPs. I guess they still use that trick but to far less an extent.

Could a tour guide have 5 different Florida resident APs would different MDEs and slightly different names, all associated with their own fingerprint? And then they enter the park multiple times? This combined with making FP reservations for the family on their original accounts could give a VIP feel to the day, but major headliners (like SDD, FOP and SDMT) would be missing.

If they are a good at modifying and know about same day drops this could work even better. It is definitely against Disney’s terms of service in multiple ways.

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My guess would be tickets set up to dummy profiles that can be locked.

It’s crazy to think an entire business can count on blatantly working around a MAJOR corporations guidelines. How can a business be based on that…?!
I was wondering if they maybe had some type of agreement, but it sound like that’s not the case. I’m stumped.

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No, Disney has changed whole systems trying to shut them down.

There was a thread on Lines awhile back where the tour guide had a family member who qualified for DAS. They took the tour “members” magic bands up when they got their DAS pass. So the whole party could use DAS. That’s what I mean by abuse. I imagine it’s combine with changing over FP as well, but it still provides an unfair advantage.