Priority non-FP rides

I’m working on my TP’s for DLR for the week after Easter and I’m having a hard time keeping straight in my head which rides to rope drop on a given day. We’re using MaxPass and will be going for RotR BG’s every day were in DL, so I’m trying to focus on rides that don’t have FP for rope drop. I know Peter Pan is a top priority, as is Millennium Falcon. Otherwise it seems like a ton of rides are sort of in that middle range where they never get above an hour but could definitely hit 45 minutes on crowded days. I’m looking at Nemo, JC, PotC, Alice, Astro Orbiter, plus all the other dark rides in DL. In DCA, it seems to be limited to Luigi’s, Mater’s, and Pixar Pal Around. Am I missing any? How should I correctly plan rope drops to hit these most efficiently?

I would not make Peter Pan a RD priority. Unless you are at the VERY front and willing to throw elbows, put it elsewhere on your schedule. @lolabear_la has often recommended that you ride Peter Pan during the 1st parade or as the last ride of the night. The theory is that unless you are one of the few in the very front of the “PP Dash” the ride will be roughly the same wait all day. RD is better suited for other rides that will build significant lines throughout the day, rather than PPF, which will build immediately.

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I agree with @Ms.BarbsWildRide. Don’t RD PPF. MFSR is a better option because it is far from the front of the park (meaning you can get there faster than slow pokes) and has a huge capacity and a big queue to soak people up as they arrive but you keep moving the whole time.

I also wouldn’t RD JC, PotC, Mater, or Luigi because shorter lines can be found throughout the day. Good RD options with no FP are:

  • Alice
  • Dumbo
  • Storybookland
  • Nemo

Also I sometimes RD these rides even though you can get a Fastpass because then you need one less FP:

  • Soarin
  • RSR
  • Space Mountain
  • Matterhorn
  • Indiana Jones
  • Autopia
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