Prioritize my dining rezies 10/1-10/5

Hi, tomorrow is my 60 days so I can book dining. What priority do you think I should reserve these in:
10/1 Rose & Crown around 5pm
10/2 Beaches & Cream around 1:15
10/4 Sci-Fi Diner around 1:00
10/6 Morimoto’s around 5:00

And what about Universal? I’m wanting to eat at Toothsome later in the week when we switch over from Disney to the Universal parks. (Also staying at a Universal Hotel starting 10/5). Do we also make rezzies 60 days out? I haven’t heard anyone talk about it like they plan Disney dining.

I was in a similar situation with mine. I would go onto OpenTable and see if you can get your time now for Morimoto’s, I got a 5:30 reservation a few days out from my 60 days. After that I would try Beaches & Cream first, that’s going to be your most difficult to get and then prioritizes the other two on which is most important to you.

Here’s the conversation on my post, there are some good dining alert resources on there.

Yes, get Morimoto today! I have shifted to OpenTable for any restaurant that offers bookings. The reservations open early (in most cases, not true for Jaleo but Open Table had better times), and usually the cancellation policy is more flexible.

Thank you! I just tried Open Table for Morimoto and they would only allow reservations up to 9/28. :frowning: But I’ll keep checking.

Something is wrong:

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I can book Morimoto into November.

Yeah, I would double check. As @PrincipalTinker posted, I was able to go in and see reservations available.

I’d go for Sci Fi first and B&C next. B&C was a one and done for us. I felt like it was a TS with QS food. We split a dessert and it was meh. The brownie in the dessert was more cake like and dry. The three of us ate a few bites of it and we were done.

Thanks! So I realized Google was showing reservation through Open Table only going up to 9/28, but if I logged directly into Open Table, I was able to see reservations going farther out. Got Morimoto’s all set. :slight_smile:

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Also was able to book Toothsome & Big Fire so happy to learn you can book those so far out!


When is your resort check-in date? The 60 day rule is 60 days, not two months, from check-in. To make an ADR on 10/1 you have to wait until Aug 2, unless you’re checking in before that.

Rose & Crown is NOTORIOUS lately for not opening at the 60+ day mark - I’m still not sure if it’s opened for 8/20-26 yet. No one seems to know what’s up with it lately.