Prior plans available in the Android App?

I used Touring Plans (with GREAT success!!) in 2018. And so I renewed my premium subscription for our 2020 trip.

I can see both my new 2020 plan as well as the 2018 plan on the website - but I can’t see the older plan on the Android app. Am I missing something - or is that by design?

I think (perhaps) that referencing the older plan could remind me of things we did on the prior trip that might come in handy when if / when we have to make ‘on-the-fly’ adjustments next year. To say nothing of the memory factor as we plan for 2020.

I’m glad it’s on the webpage - but the phone version is far more convenient of course - especially when discussing this with family members who will be part of our trip. Not a deal breaker, but it would be a nice feature if in fact the prior trip was available on the app.

I am not an expert, but think it may have to do with the date of the plan. Have you tried copying it and changing to future date?

I can find mine on my Android.
On the home page, under WDW Planning Tools, select Touring Plans.
On that screen, select Personalized Plans, where it says “You have xxx plans.”
Mine are all there (mine start with July 2016).


That’s true - I do find the plans on my phone. But not the concise page that puts it all together as a trip…

It does have it on the website so I guess I could login using a browser on my phone if I wanted to see it