Printing a whole trip plan

So, the dashboard view is like a summary of my trip, as far as where I’ll be on what days. Is there a way to print that (without all of the checklist, other trip info, and links), other than a screen shot?

I’ve never discovered a way to do this but it sure would be nice. Maybe @len has a suggestion for us?

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I have an iPhone, and if I open all the little + signs and then print, it pops up a full view that might be what you’re trying to do :slight_smile:

Print screen is the only option I’ve found if you want a hard copy.

I might be able to help with this work around.

I use something called a Snipping Tool. It comes with Windows. Go to your TP Dashboard, open the Sniping Tool, drag the cursor around what you want to print, hit Copy, Open a Blank word document, Paste and print…is that what you want…?

That does seem a little easier than c&p-ing into a doc and cropping it. Thanks!

Firefox has an add-on called Nimbus which also snips data. Also, you could screen shot, then copy it to a Word doc and crop the screenshot. That’s what I usually do, as I want it as part of a doc with my plans anyway.

Hopefully this makes sense because I just discovered it and you have to have a little control over the mouse.

Click and drag from the BOTTOM of your plan (starting at the line that says “powered by Dark Sky” going up to highlight only to the title of your trip. Once you have that it should look something like this:

With it highlighted, right click with your mouse and select print. You will then end up with a page that looks like this:

Not the most efficient but I think that’s the only way without printing all the other stuff or screenshot.


I can get it to highlight just like the first image, but when I right click and print the preview shows a blank page except for headers and footers. That’s in Chrome. What browser are you using?

I was in chrome too at work. I just tried it at home and it’s still working for me. Is it maybe pushing it to a second page?

This is the one I just did here

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I don’t think there is. We’re working on these kinds of things for Q3 and Q4 this year. Let me see how hard it is to do.


Not, it just wasn’t there at all. When I switched to IE it worked just fine… weird.

Thanks for the response @len… looking forward to updates!

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