Princess Indecisive and her Winter Break Trip Feb 18-23, 2018! TRIP REPORT! Completed!

Thank you!! I have debated cancelling the Ultimate Njghts tour since I did get both the FP+ - but it just seems so cool!

I would definitely keep the tour. I hadn’t heard of it before you mentioned it…but it looks awesome (albeit pricey). Lots of activity including ROL packed into four hours…

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I’ve booked two VIP tours at Disney and Express Passes at Universal. The problem is that I’m from the UK and the prices are in dollars and it just seems like Monopoly money to me. But then I look at my credit card statement and I think, “how can you be spending so much money? what’s wrong with you?”


One tiny change for the first day as a friend who lives in the area is going to come and play. Soarin’ has been moved to 3:55 for me so we have overlapping times. We’ll meet up after I do Mission Space since she doesn’t do it, do Spaceship Earth and wander/see what we can do until my lunch when she’ll play Pokemon Go! and then meet up again. :slight_smile: Whee!!


I am going the same time as you and just as indecisive. I changed our resort twice but for me that’s not so bad because generally I average three hotel changes. Your plans sound great!

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Thank you!

I am super indecisive about my vacations too (not just Disney). I am always changing hotels and plans, even ADRs at the last minute. I have even decided not to rent DVC points anymore, just because I like the flexibility of changing hotels at the last minute. I’ll be there last week in February for Princess weekend - enjoy your non-running trip, I hope it is fantastic!

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Thank you!! And good luck at Princess!

So I’m in the final week countdown (actually 6 days now!!)!! I got the “make sure your fax is the way you want it by midnight” email and double checked it! Good to go and fingers crossed!! Honestly as long as I’m in Surfs’ Up and not Touchdown I’ll be happy! :slight_smile:

Some plan tweaking has happened, and I’m up to 98% sure this is how it’ll go down. We’ll see…

2/18 - Arrival, Epcot, and maybe MK
This is the day I’m meeting up with a friend, so it’s the least likely to change. Undecided on upgrading to an AP after the price increase. I’m waiting to learn about the upgrade rules before making that decision. If I do, I’ll do it prior to entering Epcot.

11:45 - Mission Space Orange
12:45 - Spaceship Earth

2:50 - R&C lunch with Disney on Broadway Concert Series (still a chance this may change to Coral Reef)

3:55 - Soarin’

5:30 - Disney on Broadway Concert
9:00 - Illuminations
If I’m not too tired, hoof it over to MK to close the evening since MK is open until midnight.

2/19 - Animal Kingdom
7:45 - Boma breakfast

10:45 - Na’vi River Journey
6:35 - ROL 1st Show
7:40 - Safari

And then I plan to head to the standby line for FOP and close out the night with that.

2/20 - Disney Springs and Epcot (evening EMH until 11pm)
12:15 - BOATHOUSE lunch

4:15 - Frozen Ever After
5:20 - Character Spot
7:00 - Nemo and Friends

9:00 Illuminations

2/21 - Magic Kingdom (evening EMH until midnight)
7:30 - Kona breakfast

9:00 - Rapunzel/Tiana
10:00 - Cinderella/Elena

11:25 - BOG lunch

12:30 - Enchanted Tales

6:45 - Dessert Party with Plaza Garden Viewing

2/22 - Animal Kingdom

9:30 - Caring for Giants tour

10:30 - Safari
11:30 - Festival of the Lion King
2:10 - Flight of Passage

6:35 - Sanaa dinner

Possibly to Disney Springs after dinner

2/23 - Magic Kingdom and Departure late afternoon

8:00 - BOG breakfast

9:55 - Haunted Mansion
11:05 - Jungle Cruise

12:10 - Skipper Canteen lunch

1:00 - Mickey at Town Square Theater

WHEEEEEEEE!!! So excited!!!


That is exciting. You have done an amazing job of planning.


Thank you!

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I’m excited for you! I have no trip planned, so I have to live vicariously through other people! :smile:


Thank you!!


I did make the change to Coral Reef - it puts me at the 6:45 concert, but that’s ok. It will allow us to stay in FW through Soarin’ and then work over to WS rather than back and forth.

And I’ve never been to Coral Reef, so that’s a bonus!


Now step away from the plans…:joy:


^^^^ This…:grinning:


Sooooo much easier said than done! LOL.

I’m learning this is why I like cruises so much… You hit 3 days out and you CANNOT make changes until you’re on board and that involves taking time out to go to Guest Services or Port Adventures. LOL.


Will be at MK on the 23rd!


Have you eaten breakfast here before? I think this is going to be a must do on each trip now.

So you decided to cancel the AK thing at night since you were able to get the FPPs? I can’t wait to hear about your trip. The Caring for Giants tour should be amazing.

Good call on the Coral Reef change. I am sure you will enjoy the food and the aquarium.

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I did with my family years ago and remember loving it. I was not gluten-free then, but the reviews of Boma as a whole are incredible with gluten-free people, so I decided to go for it.

And yeah - it was a lot of money for basically a sampler of Satu’li and a drink and a lanyard since I was able to get the Pandora FP+. The money can go towards an AP if I decide to upgrade or to my DL trip this summer or to my cruise next year. :smiley:

Thanks! CR is new to me, so I’m excited to try it!