Princess Hall A&Ebeside C&R?

Trying to get the princess meet and greet out of the way right at rope drop which is 9am,…my touring plan optimized for C&R at 903 but A&E at 545 with 45 min wait? Are they not in the same building? Would it not make sense to do them one after another? And how can I change the plan, if it is a good idea?

Drag the A&E step back down to the beginning of the day, before or after C&R, and hit Evaluate. See what that does to your plan. My suspicion is that it’s saying if you were to do A&E first thing, you’d wait so long for it that you’d be increasing your waits at the next few attractions, and therefore it makes more sense to wait longer for A&E later in the day than it does to wait shorter for A&E, but longer for the next 4 or 5 attractions.

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(A&E and C&R are in the same building, but they’re two separate queue lines. After you do one, you have to go back to the end of the line at the other one. So being in the same building really isn’t any benefit to you.)

Thank you!