Princess Half Marathon Questions

I am considering running the Princess Half Marathon in February. I am unable to commit right now since I will not know my work schedule. From what I have read the Princess Half is very popular and registration closes when full. How much longer can i safely wait before I register? Anyone know when it usually sells out?

Not long. The Halfs usually sell out within the first week if not the first day.

That said, you might be able to wait a little longer if you’re willing to run for a charity where you have to raise at least a minimum set amount (differs by charity) - sometimes those bibs last a little longer.

Registration has been open for 2 weeks now. I’m honestly amazed that the Half hasn’t sold out yet.

With that said, demand has been dropping in the last few years; gone are the days of the 45 minute sellout.

And, like you said, Charity providers will have bibs for a while; some of the Travel Providers may as well. @Linda_loo, just be sure you know the conditions on each of those sources.


Wow! Interesting! Yeah…I remember the days of the site crashing and selling out within a couple of hours!

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OK - I did it. Any advise on training? I started the Jeff Galloway app just recently. This past year my goal was to lose weight and I lost nearly 50 lbs. Now I wanted a new goal and decided on the half marathon. I am a fit 54 year old female but have never been a runner so any advise if appreciated.

For the first half, the best goal is to cross the finish line. :smiley:

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Don’t overdo it. If a training session isn’t working, it’s ok to pull the plug today and try again next time.

It’s OK to repeat a week, if you don’t feel like you’re ready for the next one.

Give yourself extra time - you will repeat weeks. Don’t start your training plan with no elastic in it all the way through race day.

Find something to take your mind off the running - there will probably come a point where you find yourself bored during runs. Figure out what you need to do to overcome it.

Lastly, don’t skimp on the important gear. #1 is shoes - get fitted by a running store that will analyze your gait and get you something that truly works. #2 is your sports bra - you want to minimize bounce, but not at the expense of air. #3 is making sure that you’re not dealing with chub rub/thigh chafing - whether you deal by wearing something long (capris or tights), something moderate (SparkleSkirts are my go-to), or by wearing body glide, chafing will make you less inclined to want to go for your next run.

And then, like @lizzieanne771 said, the most important goal is to finish.

Have fun!


And if Sarge is out there demanding burpees or push-ups or just barking “C’mon soldier! Take this hill!”…don’t be afraid to disobey and give him a couple of very UN-Disney-like gestures. I know that’s helped me every time!

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I am running my first run in January. The Galloway method is great and will get you up to speed. Remember you have plenty of time to get ready and don’t rush. I have never run before and trust me I am not as young as I used to be(lets just say mid 50’s). Great job losing the weight, funny I started for the same reason. I lost 35 pounds, I hike a lot and wanted something to give me a bit more of a work out and wanted to try something I have never done. Since I am a guy cant give any insight on a sports bra but the right shoes will make a difference. Since starting I have gotten my wife running and we plan to do the Star wars run in February together. Good luck

Oh, also… Don’t be afraid to play with the run-walk ratios and find what works for you. Jeff’s ridiculously small intervals (like less than a minute!!) totally did not work for me. Drove me batty and I still say that is a big part of what made my ITB flare - too much stopping and starting.

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I highly recommend running a few local 5k races before the Princess Half Marathon. That way you get a feel for how races work. I love Princess Half Marathon Weekend! But, it’s very crowded and there are a lot of first time runners. Understand some of the race etiquette and you will have a better experience.

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