Princess During FL EMM?

For anyone who has done the new EMM in Fantasyland, are all 4 princesses available (Cinderella/Elena and Rapunzel/Tianna)? These are a priority (as well as Minnie/Micky in birthday outfits).

I already have FPP’s for cinderella/7dmt/PP but if we did emm this would allow me to switch those fpp’s for others.

PFH is open during EMM. Which Princesses available are never guaranteed, but you should get to see four.

It’s almost always those four, but sometimes substitutions are made as needed.
I’d keep your 7dmt FP and modify it after EMM. I’ve seen several reviews where the ride was down for maintenance and not everyone has been offered additional rides in compensation.
Definitely switch your Cinderella for M&M though. That line is annoying.

Yeah… I just didn’t want to say definitely with any M&G. I’d hate for someone to have their heart set on meeting Cinderella to find Snow White was there that day.

I’d keep the 7DMT FPP too. You’ll probably get to ride it that multiple times that morning, but it’s nice to have a back-up. Plus, knowing that you have it as a FPP later in your plan can allow you another ride on PPF or Pooh during EMM instead of 7DMT.

Plus, you could always modify it to something else if desired.

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