Princess Dining

Thanks to Touringplans reservation finder i now have:
CDT - Dinner
Arkershus - Breakfast
Park Faire - Dinner
I know it is princess overload - I think 2 will be enough
We leave this Sunday which 2 do I keep?

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Never done 1900 Park Faire.

I do enjoy Akershus a lot and CRT was a dream come true for us in 2016. I’d like to go again someday because DD6 doesn’t remember - she was only 3. But I couldn’t afford it this trip.

Only done 1900PF and it’s really good, but of course there’s only Cindy there and the other 2 have a few princesses. The step sisters are supposed to be very funny but they weren’t there our night. Lady T was good though.

CRT and Akershus have pretty much the same princesses so I would say do one or the other. Belle is the greeting princess at Akershus and of course Cinderella at CRT. 1900 PF is still on my bucket list. You didn’t give the age of your family/kids but I would think 1900 PF would appeal to older kids more than younger ones. We really enjoyed the Bon Voyage Breakfast also recently since it has some different characters.


Just my daughter who is 10
The CRT would be on her actual 10 birthday Arkushes before and 1900 after

I would do CRT and 1900 PF. The food at Akershus is more unusual and is really more of a repeat of CRT. 1900PF will have Prince Charming, stepmother & stepsisters. It will be a unique character interaction!


We loved CRT and Park Fare. Akershus was not fun for us b/c they sat us by the buffet, the food was too strange for my young daughter, etc. But I think if it had been the main dining room it would have been a lot better. Really loved Park Fare, partly for getting to see the GF hotel. There is an amazing gingerbread house in there and it makes the whole hotel smell like gingerbread! Just for the holidays, but you say your trip is now so it should be up.

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I would dump Akershus myself.

Agree with the others. CRT and Akershus are the same princesses. Food is just ok. Nothing like dining in the castle so keep that. I’ve never done 1900 but I’d pick that and dump Akershus.

One question actually - are you on DDP?

Something to consider, when you factor in that tip is included at CRT, our checks at CRT and Akershus after tip came out almost identical. Edge to CRT then if OOP. Just note the difference in 2 credits at CRT if I’m DDP.

We are on the DDP so I had figured the 2 credits. - am I able to pay cash if I wanted to and use the credits elsewhere?
Are you saying under the DDP plan the tip is included in the price or just added to the bill automatically

I preferred Akershus over CRT, but I did breakfast for both and was not impressed with the CRT breakfast. I also thought we had better character interactions at Akershus, but I guess that could just be the luck of the draw.

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Yes you can pay cash if you want to.

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Since I would be using 2 credits - do i get 2 adult drinks :thinking:

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HA! good thought but nope

For a 10th birthday I would do CRT especially if she has never been before. But objectively Akershus is the better value on DDP since it is only 1 credit. Even if you have to pay tip, you still have another whole meal to use.


Gratuity is included not added.

I would do Park Faire for sure. We’ve done breakfast but dinner there is on my bucket list as I’ve hear nothing but rave reviews for the characters at dinner.

I think CRT would be really special for a birthday but if she’s been before maybe let her choose between the two? And if your Akershus breakfast is PPO it offers you an advantage for RD’ing FEA whereas CRT will not offer any advantage for shorter SB queues for rides.

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I’m chiming in again to say if you’re on DDP and love princesses why not keep them all? Great value on DDP. Or you could try to swap for some other character meals - GG makes the most sense or my personal favs - CP and TH.

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We have tried all of those - each have their own good/bad. We actually did a trip last spring with CRT and Akershus and my daughter was kind of sick of the princesses by the second meal and wanted to see some other characters, so I’ve been trying to mix it up a little more.
1900 Park was really fun, we changed our last trip to be able to do it again. There is a good variety of food for kids as well, so I would definitely recommend.
Keep both Princess meals if it’s in budget/dining credits. They are both fun and offer different experiences.
I prefer CRT because it is not a buffet which is a nice change of pace from having to make sure everyone has what they want/need and not need to run to the buffet a bunch of times. Plus the experience of being in the castle is also worth it, but downside it is more expensive and 2 credits on the DDP for virtually the same princess interaction for Akershus. I feel like this also took longer for the whole meal that Akershus because of the different setup.
At Akershus you get to see Belle in her yellow dress and my daughter loves the princess processional that they invite all the kids to do in the parade around the restaurant. I don’t remember the same at CRT, but maybe we missed it.

We have done Akershus for breakfast on our Epcot day just about each time since then because it is a good experience, but will be doing CRT next trip for a special occasion