Princess Aurora in the Fragrance Garden

We are hoping to see Princess Aurora on our upcoming visit. My daughter was kind enough to point out that we had missed her back in 2015 because she had been sleeping. I’ve pretty sure been told to schedule our visit when the Princess is awake and taking visitors. That being said, I’m hoping to catch her in the garden because we aren’t doing any Princess meals this trip.

My question is: Is the Princess Aurora meet and greet set up similar to Meridas’ at the Magic Kingdom? Is there a designated queue to wait in before we get an audience with the Princess? Or is she just in the garden and getting mobbed by people from all directions?

Thanks for your help

I have not stood in the line but I have seen her meet in Epcot (and other Princesses). There is always a line and a cast member that controls that line. Enjoy!

There was a nice cue for her when we met her last November in EPCOT. I’ve never had a character interaction that didn’t have a well established cue with a Character Handler.