Primeval Whirl

Haven’t ridden this but watched a youtube ride through video to see if I might want to add it to my touring plan. Almost puked just watching the video. Still a little dizzy several minutes later. Wow. That’s a no, then.
Those who have ridden it, do you just have no sense of motion sickness ever? Do you accept the motion sickness because it’s worth it? I can only imagine trying to do a parkeology ride all the rides thing and having to include this one. SHEESH.

The spinning isn’t that bad. It is the jarring stops and turns that rattle your spine.

I rode it 4 or 5 times in a row with my kids. I think it’s fun. Rough, but fun.


EE is worse that Primeval Whirl. Actually, I think Space Mountain might be worse. But yeah, this is one for people who like a rollercoaster ride.


I like roller coasters! I think. It’s just the really quickly changing directions that bothers me. Of course, I haven’t actually ridden EE ever, or Space Mountain since the early 1990s, so who knows. But both are on my plan for this summer. Here’s hoping!

I was oaky with the jarring but the spinning was just about enough. I can do EE 3 times in a row. DD loved PW but there was no way I could have ridden it again!

Wow. You have guts of steel!

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I’ve never really noticed that the spinning was all that bad - but I have zero motion sickness issues. Don’t base your judgement solely on videos. I could walk through my house, slowly, looking in one direction and then the other, looking up at high shelves and down at things on the floor, and video tape the whole thing. Although the action is something you do without thinking twice, watch the video and it seems extreme. It’s all about the complex physiology behind eye tracking (and the fact that a video lens cannot). I could make a video of iasw that would make you feel sick…


Yeah, I’m gonna pass on the video of IASW.


My kids love to watch videos of iasw.

One of my colleagues always used to say his idea of hell was endless rides on IASW.

I actually have Primeval Whirl written into our TP, although I have not ridden it in over a decade due to the fact that my neck is comprised of moth-eaten vertebrae and I like having full use of my limbs. I’m not sure I’ll let DH ride, either. He has never had an MRI so we don’t know what lurks in his spine, although he survives multiple yard sales while skiing each year. He’s getting up there in years, so you never know. It might not be worth the risk.

I get motion sick from things like Star Tours

I don’t love the teacups or primeval whirl, but my son does so I ride for him.

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I don’t know who came up with this but it’s among my faves. We use it in hockey too, but yard sales there are voluntary. I just said it the other night while watching when a fight broke out among a bunch of players. “Here comes a yard sale!”

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I have always loved Primeval Whirl in a demented, twisted way (really no explanation). I have always tried to go on it when I have been in AK. In February I rode it and it slammed my head so many times I was seriously concerned I was about to have a concussion. I am sad but I think that was my last ride.

It might not be consistent, but i found the left side track to be gentler than the right.


It doesn’t give me motion sickness but it’s so rough. I’m not one to complain much about rides being painful but man, Primeval Whirl hurts (and I was 25 the last time I rode it).

agreed. The seating is kind of loose and when the ride comes to a quick stop or changes direction, it’s easy to get pushed to the side of the cart and take a hit to the ribs.

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For me, PW is just boring and jarring, no motion sickness at all. It’s not moving very fast. But yeah, good idea to not waste your time on it…

Now, the teacups…that’ll make me puke last years Christmas turkey… :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:

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I’ve only gotten queasy once on Primevil Hurl and that was most likely due to dehydration. As others have said, the spinning isn’t actually the worst part, it’s the jarring stops, starts and turns that are worse. DS and I do it every trip (sometimes multiple) and I’ve come to enjoy it. DH with back issues has never attempted it. EE occasionally will get me a little queasy and I can’t do Mission Space Orange, but those are pretty much my only motion sickness rides.



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We didn’t find it too bad. The line moves slowly though but that could have been because only one side was open. Ours only spun once or twice. I found it fun but didn’t try more than one go at it.

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