Primeval whirl schedule?

So Primeval Whirl was my son’s absolute favorite ride at AK when we were there a few years ago. We will be at AK on 2/19, and I think it might be closed for refurbishment? I am seeing different info about it based on where I look. On the Disney site it is listed as “operates seasonally.” Anyone have info on this? If it won’t be open when we are there I’m going to need the next few weeks to get him over his disappointment!

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Looks like it will be closed until spring or summer? I’m not seeing any “official” dates, but 2/19 does not look good :frowning:

DFB - " And just a reminder that Primeval Whirl is closed again in its new pattern of seasonal operation. We likely won’t see this dino-tastic attraction running again until the busy season."

Disney Tourist Blog - “It’s unclear what the longterm plans are Primeval Whirl, if it’ll reopen at any point in 2020, maintain the seasonal status, or be replaced entirely.”

Blog Mickey - " As we reported earlier this fall, Disney is only aiming to operate Primeval Whirl on a seasonal basis, and as crowds demand. Of course, two of the busiest “seasons” on the immediate horizon are Thanksgiving week and the timeframe from just before Christmas to just after New Years."

ZKD - “Disney hasn’t said anything about the future of Primeval Whirl past January 5, but obviously whenever attractions go into seasonal operation that isn’t a good sign for their future.”

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I would plan on it being closed.

It will be closed. It is basically only open now when the parks are busiest, Xmas-New Year, peak Spring Break and Thanksgiving

They really need to replace the thing with something that better handles crowds and more people want to ride. I know there are some people who like it, but in general, this kind of coaster doesn’t get a lot of love, even at amusement parks. They have other priorities now, but I can see them replacing this in a few years.

It was open yesterday (of course it is a holiday weekend and really busy).

Good point…and now that I look at the predicted crowd levels for that day and see that it is just after Presidents’ Day weekend, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you that it will be up and running. At the same time I would prepare your son for it to be closed and if it is not, then he can be pleasantly surprised. We were just there last Tuesday and it was closed.

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I’ll hold out some secret hope of it being open, but assume most likely it will be closed. :frowning_face: