Prime Now and Whole Foods

So my trip is coming up in 12 days. I’m starting to finalize our grocery list. This will be the second time we have groceries delivered to the resort. The first time was almost 5 years ago and we used Garden Grocer. This time around, we are thinking of using Prime Now as we are prime members. I have checked both sites and prime now is currently about $18 cheaper without adding in GG shipping. However, I noticed that my cart is split in 2. 18 of my items are from Prime Now, 4 are from Whole Foods. If I do indeed go Prime Now, do I need to make sure the items in my cart all non-Whole Foods? I am shopping using the BLT zip code, so I imagine there are Whole Foods markets in Orlando.

Below is what I mean:


I can get Prime Now equivalents of the whole foods items, I was just curious if I needed to or not


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I had the same problem and switched everything over to Amazon because I think it would otherwise come in 2 deliveries, so 2 delivery fees.

We had the same issue - seemed pretty clear it would be 2 deliveries & invoke 2 delivery fees if you split the order across both. I was able to adjust and go all Amazon which worked well, although we likely ordered way too much stuff, but that’s another issue…

I ordered from Prime Now last year with a split order between Whole Foods and Amazon. They were delivered as one order - this was pre-fee though. I’m planning to do the same this year. As we had alcohol with our order, I had to meet the delivery person to show ID.

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@RF09 There’s a box you can check that all items would come from one place (ex. all from Prime Now) when you are putting the items in your cart.

Thank you all for the replies. I think to be safe, I’ll just be sure to order from the Prime side. I’ll also look for that Prime Now only check box.

@AlyQ You only had to meet them because of the alcohol, right? We don’t drink, so that won’t be an issue :slight_smile:

Correct. Last I checked, Garden Grocer was the only grocery delivery service that takes IDs in advance. Every other service you need to meet if the order includes alcohol. I have not checked that in nearly a year.

Thank you!