Prices for the Outdoor kitchen menu items and what snack credits could be used

We are going to be at Epcot on 3/12 during the Flower and Garden festival. We are trying to figure out prices for items and what could be considered a snack credit. Any help, any link would be a great help.

We are trying to decide if the dining plan will be worth it for us this trip and we had to figure in these but for this trip, this will determine if we get the dining plan or don’t.

I saw the menus on the Disney foodblog (, but there were no prices. Perhaps that is not released until the festival starts on March 6? I would bet that most are snack credits based on my experience at F&G (2x) and F&W (1x) and they are typically a good use of snack credits.

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Or if you get 3 items at the same booth you can use a QS credit.

Thank you, I did see that one

I use this app

Prices and dining plan are usually loaded about 24 hours after the festivals begin.

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Thanks you. Our issue is that we arrive on the 9th and we have to add the dining plan at lease 3 days in advance, from what I’ve been told. I’m trying to even find something from last years Flower & Garden to see what things cost and which you could use snack credits for. If you know from when you have went in the past, that might help us decide.

You can use snack credits for most non alcoholic items in the booths. You can also look at last year’s menus in the app.

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Thank you, that should be of help. We just are trying to get some idea of what things will cost there. (Not that we won’t spend money on food and food experiences. This trip, the one we are most looking forward to is the Chef’s Table at V&A on 3/9)

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Since the new menus are released you can see what the new items have replaced and what the cost/DDP status of the returning items are. At the Festival of the Arts I found one booth that did not take any credits. It surprised me since usually items in the $4.50-9.00 range are snack credits.

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