Priceline question

Hi Everyone! Priceline express question. I have a room booked at All star movies in 2 weeks (yay!) Fpp and adrs all set. If I find a PE deal for my dates am I able to switch everything over? Or would I lose them? Trying to decide if it’s worth stalking deals. Thanks!!

As long as your original room is cancelable, it should not be a problem switching over.

ADRs are not predicated on room reservations or ticket media, so those are not an issue at all.

For FPPs, the general suggestion is to add the new (PE) reservation to your MDE before cancelling the old reservation so there is no lapse in on-site room reservations that would make the system remove FPPs.

But, since you’re inside of the 30-day booking window that is probably a non-issue as well, barring any unusual IT system glitch.

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Fixed that for you. :wink:

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Since we’re asking Priceline questions, I have one. If you book one of these stays through Priceline, do you get the 60 day FPP window?


These rooms act just like any other - the only thing that is different with discounted reseller rooms is that you can’t book a dining plan on them.

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