Priceline Express Deal Question

I found Coronado Springs for $97/night as a priceline express deal, so I booked it for a quick trip. It’s for a standard room, but PL express deals don’t allow you to designate how many people are traveling and only guarantee a room for two. I want to add my two children to the reservation and I’ve called both PL and Disney, but PL is telling me Disney has to do it and Disney is telling me PL has to do it. I’m kind of at the end of my rope because I can’t get anyone to help me add my two kids (both under 10) to the reservation. I’m starting to wonder if it really matters.

My kids both have tickets and magic bands (from a former trip), so I’m wondering if I even need to stress about this. I signed us up for DME and included all of us on the reservation for that - is it going to be a problem if I wait until I get to CSR to add them to the room? I simply don’t see any other way as I can’t find anyone to help me resolve this until then.

OK, I guess for future reference in case any one runs into this, you have to call the Disney wholesale department to get people added. That number is 1-407-939-7671. I got the problem solved!


Thanks for the follow up info! I’m going to add this to the notes of my forum post on the topic.

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I can confirm this is a good number for this situation. I called it and it took just a few minutes to link my room.

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