Priceline deals for Marathon weekend?

I would like to snag a PE deal for Marathon weekend, but I’m not sure when Priceline is most likely to post the best deals for those dates (Jan. 10-13, 2020). Does anyone know what the historical data indicates?

Also, I’m guessing that in the meantime, I should go ahead and book a refundable reservation for that weekend and then cross my fingers that a deal comes along?

Thanks for your insight!

You might be able to get a priceline deal but I have always found those deals to be on their schedule rather than mine. Then any deals that Disney has are void to you. My advice is to try Magical Vacations Travel Agency. (MVT) magicalvacationstravel. You can cancel up to 5 days in advance and get all your money back. Beyond that you get part of your deposit back depending on how close you cancel. If they have your times available you can get a pretty good discount on room only. Hope this helps


@JJT May have info on what PE looked like at that time this year.


@mlwiliams There were a bunch of deals through that weekend this year.

I have 84 total Express deals recorded from just the 8th through the 14th, across all resort types.

Of course, with Galaxy’s Edge opening up, who knows what’s coming for this year’s deals, but since January the Express Deals released were mostly in the 2 to 6 week out range.

My theory in general is: book the best refundable deal you can using Disney or resellers, then just keep watching for a good PE deal and decide whether worth swapping to that or not when one appears.

If you (or anyone) like charts, I have just happened to update my spreadsheet analysis to include everything to date. They can be fiddled with here.


Thanks, @JJT! I love spreadsheets, and this is great information!

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