Price hikes again

Word is that Disney raised ticket prices and the rack rates on thier rooms again.

I don’t know about about rack rates, but yes…ticket prices went up a week or two ago. I know UT was still selling tickets at the cheaper rate, although only until they sold out, so I don’t know if they are still available.

Note that not ALL ticket prices went up. Depends on when you are going. And Annual Passes didn’t (yet) go up. I bought mine now in anticipating of them raising AP rates later this year.

Any thoughts as to when they might raise their AP price? I want to bridge my PH tickets to AP when we go July 8th – think they’ll raise it before then?

Who knows. But their last hike was in October, 2018.

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Word has it most went up but some went down. Can’t say which of which as I haven’t investigated closely today