Preview video: "Disney Unpacked with Jim Shull"


Jim Hill and I are doing a new video series with former Imagineer Jim Shull. The pilot episode, on how Magic Carpets of Aladdin came to be, is available for preview here.

Jim Shull was Creative Director of Imagineering until retiring in December, 2020. He conceived, designed, and helped implement Aladdin rides around the world. Future episodes of the show will focus on other attractions Jim worked on, including Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster and more.

If y’all watch the show, please provide feedback in this thread. Thanks!


Is there a way to watch it online versus downloading it to your computer? Says it is going to take 34 minutes to download the 7 GB file.

Hmmm. Try pasting the URL into your local video app, and see if that works. If not, let me know.

Right-click and save as/download linked file.

Mine is still downloading :sleeping::laughing:

I don’t see a place to paste a URL into Windows Media Player

Very interesting and fun, love me some behind the scenes of attractions being built! Just curious why you went with video instead of a podcast with some photo links?

And FYI downloaded in about 10 minutes for me

My file finally downloaded. I’ll listen shortly, but folks are talking about ‘video’, but mine is only audio. Have I done something wrong?

Mine needed to download a codec for mpg files in order to play the video.

My audio and video didn’t seem to be synced up very well. I would also say that the frame rate could be improved. Some of it was a little choppy.

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I listened. I don’t think I missed the visuals. I believe that each time a photo was mentioned, Len gave a very helpful description so the audio stood up on its own. My feedback is to say that you should continue similarly for visuals in future shows.
It was wholly interesting. Great show @len :+1:t2:

Seems like the magic carpet ride was an absolutely perfect fit for Adventureland, MK - needed extra capacity and the extra row provided for that meant that the vehicle had to ‘do’ something else other than go up and down. I can’t imagine ‘believing’ that it is a carpet ride if it didn’t tilt. Necessity made it perfection :ok_hand:t3:

‘Camels made from real gold from Eisner’s personal stash’ lolololol :joy:

Also, RIP Disney Quest :cry: I did get a shot on the Aladdin VR before it closes and I was really really bad at it :woman_facepalming:t4::rofl:

Oh and also, I didn’t know that live action Aladdin had a sequel in the works. I wonder if last nights shenanigans will have affected that :grimacing:

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++ @Shmebulock … Best rainy day thing I have ever done at WDW

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Some of the later shows (we have 10 planned) are going to rely on video to tell the story.

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OK I wondered if that was the case. Looking forward to more.

For VLC media player, you can stream it directly instead of downloading it.

To do that:

  • Right-click on the link in post #1 and select copy link
  • Open your VLC media player, click on Media → Open Network Stream.
  • Paste the link and select Play.

If you are having buffering issues, select the “Show more options” before hitting the Play button. There you can increase the Caching to try and smooth out the playback.

I hope that helps.

Ahhh, thanks for that!

Loved it. I am hooked and cannot wait for the future installments. Good work.

  • The script was tight and I liked the pacing.
  • I like that you peel back the curtain, and we get to see how things are done off-stage. Jim Shull’s (JS) stories are great.
  • Great music selection for the introduction. It gave me some Monster’s Inc. vibes.
  • Having visuals that I can only assume are from JS’s personal photo and video collections make the show even better.
  • I got a good chuckle out of the lingo used backstage. I liked the Go - No Dough reference.
  • Another chuckle by adding in LT’s personal photo as evidence he has been to Vicenza. Your hair was so short then!
  • I can only assume the editing was done by the talented Aaron Adams. I love the humor he adds to the post-production…

Some constructive feedback:

  • Make a choice on how you want to have your background and stick with it throughout the multiple video calls you had. (Blurred or unblurred). It becomes distracting.
  • LT, your video was a bit washed out with the lighting. JS’s video worked. His lighting was softer. JH’s was darker in his cabin, but it worked.
  • JH is a great storyteller and historian. I love the stories and the details he researches and comes up with. I am a huge fan of the Jim Hill Media Network of shows/podcasts. Since this is a video series, we need to get JH to look at the camera a little more and sit on his hands. :stuck_out_tongue:
  • I can see the Adobe Stock watermark during the credits.
  • You need to charge for this! This is great content that took up a lot of valuable time. Maybe put it as part of Band Camp or add in a bunch of advertising to monetize it.